The Comeback Kid




Don’t you hate when you fall behind on work? I am finally settled by myself.

I ran.

You’re thinking…from what?

A crazy person. It’s as simple as that. I hope the changes I’ve made stay that way. I am tired of rearranging my life for selfish people, especially an individual who gets by with good looks and great sex. It was only going to last so long.

I’ve taken extra measures to insure what I do cannot be seen by him. Can you imagine what I’m going through? It is immensely insane, and I hope this time he gets the message.

I am thankful my family loves me. If they didn’t, I would be just like him. Living my life by the moments. I never thought I’d be in a weekly rental room, by myself, writing this blog. But here I sit. The last few months have been hell. I often wonder if this person realizes how much life isn’t about him.

I’m hoping tomorrow…I can do my live broad cast. Doing this will really help me get back on track.

Right now, I am waiting on the final draft of my manuscript and the cover that goes along with it. The cover was redone and it looks amazing! I am very excited for the release and the possibilities the book holds for me in the future.

It has been awhile since I posted a blog, so here you go. If you’ve followed my website the last five years, you know I like to bounce back.

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