The Unicorn



You don’t want to take it there, but you have to. When you’re apart of a supposed team and only one person is rooting for you. I was added to a publishing company, in which I am very grateful. But I’m not about to let anyone think it’s okay to over look someone because of their skin color. I’ve had one…just one other author not only introduce herself, but she is supportive, kind and an inspiration.


She’s also…A BEST SELLING AUTHOR. Everyone else attempting to pretend I don’t exist hasn’t made a dent in anything. So I will be looking to her and taking in her positive energy. This is the same thing that was attempted upon my success before…but now I’m certain it’s racially charged.


I will not stoop down to your level…no will I continue to dwell on this. I will tell you one thing…you’re stunting your own success by being racist. We all bleed red and die. Get over yourselves.


Most of all…you have no idea who you’re dealing with. I made myself famous…not with the help of any white people. And I like the person in charge of Creativia because he treats me like a human being…but some of his other authors act like I don’t exist. So be it.


I hope you know I’m smiling.

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