When the Tide Changes


I am disappointed with three individuals who I do not know closely.

First individual is Nicki Minaj. (I do not plan on calling anyone out of their name, please be respectful)

She slandered agaisnt Cardi B’s child, and regardless of whatever else was said…that was a set up. She knew the young woman just had a child and it would upset her. Her hormones were running high and will be for about another year. And while Cardi B shouldn’t have tried to fight her (she is the second individual, but I’m only diappointed because she fell for it) Nicki Minaj knew she wouldn’t get past her body guards. That was spineless, childish and evil. We won’t go further into detail because then I’d be insulting her, but what I’ve said are facts. Not to mention, her music isn’t really music. It’s self glorifying…and people…anytime someone does that…trash talks people but looks the way she does and goes out to get thousands of dollars of plastic surgery done…she’s got some serious self esteem issues.

Nicki Minah is human, but most of all…she’s a nonfactor. She acts like it.

The last person I’m disappointed with is Serena Williams. Nicki Minaj and Serena Williams are well into their thirties, and you can see that they see their time is coming to an end. I mean this metaphorically, of course. It just happens…people get old. Someone else is always going to be younger and better. The young woman who won the tennis match against her didn’t seem too thrilled, though she mentioned she was. But when it’s your time to go…its just your time. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. Accept the circle of life and move on.

My biggest issue is that these individuals are black. Blacks complain about never moving up or getting what they deserve, when I was taught you have to work twice as hard…and be respectful even when it doesn’t suit you. Nicki Minaj is a disgrace to women everywhere. Her message is very negative and self mutilating. “Get money, look pretty, have sex, do drugs and replace your body parts if all else fails. And when that fails, talk about a rapper who is way more talented than you. What are they going to do?” You’ve lost a lot of respect from a lot of people. Respect is way more important than money, but you wouldn’t know that, would you?

Serena Williams was even more so disappointing because for years she was respectful…then suddenly her respect just flew out of the window. Suddenly…oh it was sexist the way I was being treated. I think you know you’re held in higher regard, Serena. So yes, shame on you.

The other thing I’ve noticed is…instead of admitting we are wrong…we immediately begin to blame a man for our problems. The men have their backs against the wall now…hands up, eyebrows arched. Nicki Minaj’s album sales flopped during the first week, and it seemed as though she took out her frustrations on her ex. Her ex. What does he have to do with that fact that everyone is sick of your shit? A better rapper took the number one spot, and these things happen.

Change is always inevitable. If you spend your time trying to not be dethroned…it will happen without your knowledge. Or, it already happened and you’re just now realizing it but not coming to terms with it.

People need to understand that these individuals are human. They poop, eat, sneeze and get sick just like you. Stop putting them on a pedestal. Stop condoning their childish behavior. It is never okay to negatively lash out on people because you’re jealous and have never been able to handle competition. It’s all fun and games until someone takes the number one spot. So caught up with looking good and spending money you’ve earned…instead of being a good person. Work on your soul.

At the end of the day, I realize I may be asking for too much. But someone needs to say it.

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