Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Everything, including the weather and clothing, is in between. Like a transition. Its beautiful to watch, even more so to enjoy it. It’s intoxicating, and most of call…I always feel a sense of hope.

Some people feel spring is the same, but I always tend to pull towards the anticipation of warmth as a sign of disparity . You’ve come out of a long cold split, and green sprouts and budding trees make you happy. Not that it isn’t something to look forward to, this year, fall resonates so loudly, I’m almost sure I’m humming the vibrations out loud

My summer was tremendous. I experienced huge highs and rock bottom lows. Because of the tune and changes, I realize I found my own type of balance. So upon hearing I am worth $500k, I took it well.

That there was proof my hard work is paying off. It was a sigh of relief, especially for everything I’ve done myself and everything I’ve been through. Fall transitions to the end of this year for me, and I have a reason to celebrate New Years Eve. In the past, I was excited and giddy and couldn’t wait to celebrate. But never truly had a reason to celebrate.

I accomplished what a lot considered impossible. And by myself. I still hear a lot from my naysayers, but I’ve also gained way more fans as well.

I’ve also seen things in a different perspective. I am glad I took the road I did.

There is more ahead, still. I am ready.

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