Battle of the Bods

As much as I would like to turn a blind eye, I seem to not be able to fight the urge to not say anything.

So instead of being specific (like stating names) I will continue this blog in the hopes that someone goes, “oh, shit…she’s right.”

Everywhere I look, all I see is sex, drugs, gossip…and no one saying much about it. It’s a scary thing to think that my generation condones most of what they see, while also judging those who do the very things they do. Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that was quite disturbing. A woman was showing people the aftermath of her Brazilian Butt Lift, claiming, “that all women will eventually want to go under the knife.” One user stated, “the only reason women are commenting is because they’re jealous and don’t have enough money to put down on that type of surgery.”

Whoa! Did you do a survey? Or perhaps, I’m not a woman. Because I don’t see why I need a surgeon to cut my body up and insert harmful chemicals/or inject my own body fat to be happy. Most women on the post suggested what she did was sad. It is sad. But the majority of the women on the post we’re giving her a thumbs up, and asking where they can get the surgery done.

I have no desire to do any surgery to my body. I love my body. I have a baby belly with stretch marks. My thighs jiggle when I walk. My breasts are large, because of this they hang. However, they aren’t saggy because I don’t do drugs. My skin is almost flawless, and even though I’ve had four kids…no one can tell unless I tell them. So we’ve gone from body shaming…to changing our bodies around so we can body shame in style!

But no one seems to be trying to be a better person. If only your ass made you a good woman. There are so many woman turning to plastic surgery to feel good about themselves…that men have decided they want the real deal. They don’t care if your boobs are big, or you have no ass…

Can you cook? Do you clean? Do you have a drug addiction? Better yet…will you break my heart?

The boom in plastic surgery follows several different surveys taken by American men that states when it comes to body types of women, plus size/full figured women is their preference. Studies show that large women are more intelligent, less likely to be promiscuous, and ultimately have their shit together. There wasn’t a study out for women who are considered average, or petite. But from my experience of dealing with cute, little women…it’s very well possible I wasn’t the only one wondering what their issue was.

With that being said…everyone wants to have lovely lady lumps without tummy pudge. This isn’t naturally possible. Most plus size women accept their body type, and are usually happy about their body and their life. We have a tendency to cover ourselves better…even if our clothing is boring. And…we respect ourselves…(the majority of us)

However! This doesn’t mean it’s okay to lash out at people who aren’t plus sized. “Get yourself a big girl, we’re just better all around,” has been the motto seen floating around social media. I have met my fair share of women who are plus sized and still very insecure. Your objective as an individual is to work on your soul…not to see how many people you can get to like your half naked pictures.

I would love to go on and on about this…because there is more I would like include…so I will add other thoughts in other posts. It’s just massively disappointing that all anyone cares about is being sexually attractive…and yet…have the audacity to have an opinion about politics or fair treatment.

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