Point of View


I like to share good news with everyone, and I love hearing good news from others. If you’re an artist reading this…you know how hard it is to get people to take your work serious.

Often times, others who have no idea what art takes (including knowing your mediums, experience level, ect) can and will offend you by suggesting art should be free. I believe there are technicalities…but just like a diamond…great art takes time.

I have been illustrating through various mediums for 25 years. My main medium now is digital-no scanning required. I’ve had done the following (successfully) sculpting, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, copper, rubber, marker, pen, and pencil. As you can see, I am very well seasoned for my age.

But this moment makes me look back at everything in absolute awe. The company Vida ran a handful if ads with my art on it! It means they’re focusing in my demographic…so it wasn’t just for me. Seeing it is like when a recording artist hears the song on the radio!

I’ve spent thousands of dollars in the attempts to sell books, my art and my clothing. So to have Vida do that themselves really put a smile on my face.

There are other amazing things that have happened this year. It’s just so good to see how well everything is going!

As always, thanks for reason my blog. Please visit my Contact page for more information…and be to sure to like, comment and share.

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