Stained Waltz

My writing is entering new territory. I’ve contemplated a vampire novel over several years before actually trying it out. Usually, my writing fits in with “pulp”, as I am known to mix genres together.

It’s tough writing a vampire novel since there’s already been a successful franchise (I only speak of Underworld, even though it was a movie franchise) with the addition of The Twilight Saga, Blade (and that’s just to name a few) It is my goal to be as original aspossible, so I’ve opened up the doorways as usual, and allowed my imagination of run amuck.

You wonder as you’re writing, if this will be too much? Fortunately for you, I hate copying others and I never read Twilight. I’m focusing on politics and have thrown my characters into the future, and have drowned them in my collection of characters (from the Byond Epic Universe).

How ever ready you are (or aren’t), there isn’t a set release date. So why are discussing it?

Duh. Because I’m excited. I hope to finish the cover, unveiling Sacha, Alicia’s perfect mate. And, if I havetime, I’ll illustrate a few other characters before I decide when to release my novel.

Next blog, I will break down the covens-both types…the homeless and those with roofs over their heads. I will also explain a little more about Sacha, and one of my favorite antiheroes in thenovel, Michael Versailles.

You can read a preview on the Stain Waltz page! Stay tuned to stay informed.

Please be sure to share my posts with others, and as always, thanks for reading.

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