Whats Already Been Done

Every week until a publishing date is set, I will take to my blog to discuss matters around the novel.

One of the first thing I’d like to go over is originality. In the past, I had complained about it, and I’d like to bring it up again.

Almost everyone back in 2012 was writing A 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight like novel. It drove me crazy. Here I was, clashing the angel of death with Greek Gods, and someone who reviewed the regurgitated mess people tried to pass off as books told me my novel was garbage. At first, I had a hard time dealing with it…when I realized she was reviewing the novels I previously listed. This person was offended that I hadn’t join in on eating throw up and throwing up back up…over and over again.

Now, as you can see, I’m known worldwide. So her opinion didn’t stop me. Originality is important because there’s so much more to life than what one person likes. It was very scary not only watching them try to write better than each other…they were literally trying to tear fellow authors to pieces.

When I saw that, I walked away. I wanted no part in it. This was after creating The Anguished Immortals Trilogy, and I still had ideas coming out. Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts is one of my unfinished series. Both collections of books were self published by me, but were taken off of Amazon. Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Adrianna is Mine did well on Authonomy (a site the manuscript was previously posted). For about a week, the novel stayed at #31, and for three weeks…it was the #1 novel throughout the site. Critics proclaimed it was the best read they had come across in ages. It was original, well thought out and well written.

This isn’t to say you should sit around and conjure up better ideas, it doesn’t work like that. What I am suggesting is that you focus on things that excite you outside of what’s already been done. Stop comparing and contrasting. Most of all, stop tearing others dreams apart. I recently had an author tell me I needed to rewrite my novel. When I asked her if she purchased it, and read the whole thing…she said she had only read the preview available. My original question to her was advice on doing a book signing.

When I presened the incident to people close to me, they all laughed. A very good friend even suggested she was jealous-my writing has always been unique but easy to read. This statement constantly came from the worst book critics in the world-The British-that I am a phenomenalbut unique writer. Instead of going back and forth with her, I told her she was out of line and let it go. But I have never done that to anyone. My question mostly to her is, “who do you think you are?” She thought she was hot shit, is what she thought she was. There were probably never be a way to show a woman that old that she’s not.

What no one ever seems to add onto being original…is how almost everyone is lacking propriety. Even if she was jealous, why take it so far as to tell someone who isn’t asking that they need to write a better novel? Especially when you haven’t bothered purchasing the novel to read it. Once again, this person was much older than me.

I’ve realized since 2012…the best person to listen to is my intuition. Allowing people to drive my actions, getting into petty arguments, allowing others to back stab me…wouldn’t have gotten me as far as I am now. I’m currently friends with celebrities, people. My goal is always to finish though…what comes with it are perks. I want people to admit they’re trying to become rich and famous…and that people who tear others down feel like they’re entitled.

You should all know…my goal was to show my three boys and one girl that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

So, I’ve gone off and written a vampire novel! This is my tenth “finished novel” to date. I have over a dozen other works in progress waiting to be finished as well. I wanted to try writing about the unholy because when it comes to horror flicks, vampires have always been my favorite.

I’ve watched most films. From Lost Boys to Blade Trinity. My favorite of all time is the Underworld Franchise. It was original and entertaining. I have to admit, with having four children, writing, owning a publishing company and being known worldwide, I haven’t been able to watch the final installment of Underworld.

What excites me most about my novel, Stained Waltz…is that it took me about five years to muster up the courage. I really wanted the book to be as original as possible.

There is a preview on my website you can enjoy. Next month, I’ll swap the preview out, and will hopefully have my male character illustrated (waiting on the model to come back in town!)

Next week, I will go over the main characters, and other important is parts!

As always, thanks for reading!

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