As the Plot Thickens

Last week, I gave you a brief description of Stained Waltz.

This week, just for fun, I’d like to go over the covens and homeless street gangs (also called streets fangs). This’ll will be great! You get a taste of my novel without the entire plot coming out!

First, we have the “traditional covens.” There are technically four, the major coven-Waltz, only appears during a certain time. The rest are Lace, Lint and Lure. The street fangs are Malfunction, Disarray and Mirage.

Originally, I was going to stick with a Gothic type setting. Instead, I decided to infuse it with a futuristic ploy. As we further into my novel (like release date, finished cover) I can further express my others works, like the Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts series, which introduces Amenity Units. This unfinished series is intertwined with the rest of my novels…kind of like I’m leaving a watermark every where I go.

Amenity Units isn’t the only tid bit that ties my work together, but it is a solid chunk in my newest novel. It is almost as if I had to start from scratch, and the representation of one of my main characters does just that.

Waltz, as mentioned in the title, is the largest coven in the US, having banished a large handful of members because one individual attempted to stage a coup. From there comes Lace, Lint and Lure-with Lure being the only coven consisting of just female vampires, making them and Lace masterless. Lint has a head master, but he requires a perfect mate and Idris, Lint’s head, has yet to find one.

Malfunction, Disarray and Mirage are misfits and everyone plays a unique part in the make believe city of Danesville.

This is a very intricately designed novel this time around. I’ve found myself keeping track of characters by writing them down. Since there’s so much to remember and the matter of war and politics is at hand, I want to make sure the novel is done correctly. However, it has also been a lot of fun. I usually have a pretty good idea on what I want to write (ie Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is a mash up of short stories that originally appeared on the website Futurism formally known as Omni). Since I typically bang everything out and it works well like that, I figured this time around needed more substance. It was also to insure I wasn’t copying off of anyone or anything I have seen before.

The female lead character is also as strong as all my other female characters. I made no exceptions in this case except one. Her mate, Sacha, seemingly ends up having a say in the moves she can make. To the audience, some may cringe…but if you think hard enough you realize that there cannot be a union between other opposites on earth without the push and pull. So, though she may be submissive in some aspects, her lover is worth it.

The street gangs are composed of vampires who have been turned and cast out. I imagine that would be the reality in most cases. So social standings are still a thing, no matter what type of being you are. I am completely enamored by beings of all types…and as mentioned before, I include characters from other novels. No cameos have appeared.

I felt the need to include both classes because we usually hear of one thing and not the other. What is life like as a homeless vampire? Who is affected by the neglect of mishandling of beings? These are questions that popped up as I was writing. And further more…do the well off vampires do selfish things even though they have the means to live without killing or turning anyone?

It’s made for an interesting time!

I am unsure if I mentioned it before, but I would prefer not to give away too much of the novel. So tid bits it is!

Next week, I will go over Amenity Units history starting with its first appearence in Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, and why it is important.

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