Lacking Propriety


During my journey, and especially recently, a lot of individuals have been asking me about my key to success.

One person in particular makes me cringe-they feel they’re the best thing walking around. But when it comes to comparisons, I easily outshine him without trying.

I’m not writing this blog to brag, I noting the obvious. Those on the same wave length will understand entirely.

Hard work should never include a destiny. That’s an absolute, and not logical what so ever. So if you’re looking to be successful, subtract money out of the picture for the moment. While on your journey, you will not receive huge mountains of money. However, some will. You should never base your journey or career (or experiences!) on someone else’s.

That has been the biggest issue for a lot of people. No matter if they’re an author, singer or actor. People experience different forms of success.

There was a time people would work extremely hard and get to that point. Now…if people don’t reach that goal in a few months, they give up and claim the system is rigged.

When I first started writing and self publishing back in 2012, I knew that I wouldn’t sell millions of novels, no matter how great my books are. So, I decided to continue writing, illustrating and promoting because stopping meant I never had any faith in myself. Even when I was pregnant and tired with my third, I still did something to keep my work relevant. So I find it insane when people believe fame and fortune come only months after finishing a project. You actually have to be around for a while, and even in this case…what are you doing that contributes to anything and is it worth viewing?

So almost every author back in 2012 wrote Erotica and Fantasy, hoping to stage 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. At the same time, they lashed out on each other and turned what should have been a community of people helping each other…into a shit show. After experiencing someone’s jealousy, I immediately withdrew myself from the situation. This sounds like an age old story that I keep repeating, but there is a reason why.

Shortly after being published with Creativia (who’s contract ends for me in December) I yet again came across authors looking for fame. They felt Creativia wasn’t doing enough. I also found this occurred after sharing my page and success with others. I mentioned helping people promote their novels. One lady even took it as far as to mention my success AT ME, but not to me.

We’re not writing books to share our skills. We’re writing books so they can be turned into movies and be praised by everyone. Erin Bailey is a Time Lord made it to #10 on Amazon in Science Fiction and Time Travel, and Anguished Immortals: Acts of the Fallen made it to #16 in Greek Mythology and Fantasy during the summer. I did not sell millions of copies-it doesn’t work like that.

My “fame” was accessed over time. I spent about four years with 425 void likes. I paid for advertising with my own money…and it just worked. I didn’t do it to upstage anyone. I believe people are put in positions like this because they earned it. You should also know–I could die tomorrow and none of what I’ve accomplished will save my life.

Get a grip. There’s more to life than being rich and thinking you’re better than everyone. The only thing you’re going to do with money is spend it on something stupid. If you had good intentions with money…you wouldn’t be so hell bent of getting it.

I’ve noticed that excuses are the name of the game with a lot of people. I was raised to believe that you had no intent on doing the right thing in the first place if you have to make excuses. This goes for waking up on time, making meetings, making it to work, and answering questions promptly and respectfully. It means you are seemingly considerate to others emotions. People who make excuses…

Are selfish. Don’t like hearing it? Tighten up.

The key to my success has been never giving up. I managed everything I do…and where I am…with children. With crazy lovers, and an even crazier mother. I didn’t compare my success to anyone. I didn’t tear anyone down. I kept a schedule for my family and myself. And my goal has always been to finish. And I’m no where close to being done.

If you find yourself not liking the results of your supposed hard work…try something else. Stop giving up half way, and blaming everyone else.

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t become rich and famous.

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