When Moving On Hurts

This is my ode to leaving my mother’s household.

“No one is perfect, especially you. You were cruel. You lied, you were mean and nasty. You tried to use me and brainwash me. You treated me like I was Cinderella.

But, I got to watch your brain slowly deteriorate. And I… the loving person I am…had mixed feelings.

Most would hate you. Others would find a way around it. I am hurt even more because it seems…seems like you won’t remember the pain you caused.

Then, I realized. You are losing your mind for pretending that you never did any wrong…”

I do not wish to relay every bad thing my mother ever did. I wrote this to reach out to someone. Just because someone is your parent doesn’t mean…at any age…they have the right to dictate anything. If they’re treating you like that…they’re not a parent.

You are not wrong for wondering if anyone is right. You are not a bad person for saying no. You are not going to hell for going against someone who is controlling and is a bully. Everyone knows what love feels like, so if a parent isn’t love you…you’ll know.

HOWEVER. Do not retaliate. Leave. No verbal conflicts. Leave. Leaving hurts them way more than you realize.

You are no longer there to be abused, lied to, talked down to, and used. You are free…they are still going to be like that. Then…get therapy. It will be an uphill battle for a while. But you are free.

My mother spent the majority of the early days of my career telling me what I wasn’t, what I couldn’t and what I would never be. By the time I became famous…and gained a net worth…I realized what her intent had been during that time. To drag me down with her. What if I had listened to her? Who would I be? Where would I be?

The younger me hated her. I had been molested by my father, now she was the straw the almost broke the camel’s back. The older me realized how crazy she was…and decided to leave.

The current me left.

I had never been so humiliated by someone ever in my life but…I learned a lot. I don’t treat my kids like property. I don’t lie to them and I don’t use them. I encourage them. I hope they world for them. And they are some of the best kids on the planet.

My biggest thing I overcame was my career. Being told I was worthless at the age of 15 was enough to make me continuously try writing a book until at last…I’m 31 with a net worth of $500k gained on my own in two years. I’ve written 10 novels, did four photo shoots this year, tons of artwork, some transferred to clothing…I even have a few celebrities as Facebook friends.

Dont ever believe anything negative, nasty, dirty, mean…down right evil from anyone’s lips. They’re only doing it to drag you down. Rise up, dust yourself off and look towards the sky.

You will overcome.

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