What I’ve Learned in 2018

One of the first things I realized is how much white men love black women and women who are multiracial.

I looked at myself real good and realized how beautiful I am. My eyes are the color of honey and my skin is like a pale to medium copper tone depending on the season. I have the ability to wear different hair styles because of the shape of my face. My breasts and backside are proportionate, and I have long limbs to match.

I used to believe I was irresistible in all forms, but this year I realized that full figured women of different races are taboo to some and a conquest to most.

During this year, I talked to different men in which I tried building relationships with. Most of them were white-the person I am with and had split from during that time is white. Each and every single one liked the idea of dating a celebrity but in my experience, I realized several huge factors that make it unrealistic for white men to actually want to date you if you’re black AND SUCCESSFUL.

Before we tear into this, my partner is Irish, Scottish and Puerto Rican. On “paper,” he’s considered white. I considered him human, but for better terms when speaking with people…I state that he is mixed.

He works, he takes care of home. He isn’t messy, and he is my biggest fan and always has been.

When things were rocky and I ventured out…I came to see not all white guys are created equally. Most of them just want to sleep with you. They do not respect you. They wouldn’t even speak to you out in public….so social media and apps like Snapchat make that tangible. However, I had several individuals except one fellow who was a millionaire…stop all contact because of my success and my career.

There…you’re not supposed to be black and independent. I’m supposed to “twerk”, as someone was sure I did. And I have no scruples, according to at least two hundred men I refused to send pics to. The mention of my skin tone always came up and some even went as far as suggesting they loved mixed children.

But no one ever said-“I like black women because no matter what’s going on…you stand tall and carry on…”.

No one wants to be with you if you’re successful in America and you did that yourself. If you’re something they feel they can scrape off the pavement and fix up…them abandon and talk about…you’re a shoe in. Thanks to women like Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose…everyone thinks black women like to expose themselves for attention because we have amazing bodies. While being curvy is a plus…I’m also human and I have a heart, soul and mind. While black men have a tendency to attempt to respect me right out of the gate, white men always seem to have their dicks out and cover up their shame but openly addressing that there is no way I couldn’t want to have sex.

Some of these white men are jobless, on drugs or in worse conditions than they should be. The mass majority I spoke with had careers…but I’ve met a lot with substance abuse problems. These individuals seem to blame everyone for their issues except themselves. So dating someone like that is impossible and dangerous.

Life is hard all around for everyone, but the tables have really turned when it comes to race. I served twelve days in jail for a little trouble I got into. There were only three black women in my pod (which included myself.) The majority of the white women in the pod were ignorant, on drugs and arrogant. Not a very good combination considering the country we live in.

And most were in jail for smoking meth.

I am fortunate to live in Denver, Colorado, however…we have closet racists and things have grown more tense since 2016. People are not openly racist unless they need a parking spot or they cut in front of you at the grocery store. Suddenly, you’re all these terrible things…meanwhile (just to prove my point) he or she is shabbily dressed, stink and probably have every problem in the world going on.

If you’re black reading this (or any other ethnic race) stop believing white people have it made. They want you to think that so you don’t prosper. And…they do it to their own race as well. It’s mind over matter. I am worth half a million dollars which will continue to grow. That integer makes me RICH.

I came across a large amount of white authors trying to sell millions of books. I stepped out of the way and did my own thing and it really did me some justice. I was able to see that everything you’re ever told about money was a lie. So those in charge never told this to those way below them. (Not to mention, whites are the country’s majority…which means they are the high percentage on welfare) And the same individuals calling us racial slurs aren’t actually mad at you. For two years, I watched white authors attack other white authors to do NOTHING. Anyone who was nasty or mean to me is still looking at only 200 likes from other authors they don’t like.

Let that sink in for a moment.

HOWEVER…this does not mean it’s okay to trash talk anyone. I was proving a point…not tearing anyone down. Anytime any man views you for sexual purposes, something is wrong.

This isn’t all white men, as there are many different races on this planet. But since I keep coming across such delightful individuals, I figured I’d shed some light on things.

Next week, I’ll write a post on why black people are unsuccessful. It needs to be said.

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