When In War

Our idea of a bad guy in stories usually revolves around one person. They have a plan in mind and in most cases, they’re unsuccessful. It really isn’t because we want them to fail, more so that plans to take over the world usually end poorly.

However, in Stained Waltz, there really is more than one bad guy because almost everyone associated with Idris has their own agenda. Anytime you step to the side to save you own ass…you’ve got your own thing going on. In this day and age, people view that as looking out for number one. In actuality, if people are dependent upon you as a leader…big or small…your actions can sway the mood of your followers. It’s something that can be avoided, but altogether, it’s as if it’s human nature to betray a large group of people to get the results you desire.

In this case, Idris is waging the war but you have about four more individuals going against the grain, yet still shaking hands with him. When you’re dealing with someone as unpredictable as I’ve managed to make Idris, it’s wise to never really entangle yourself into his agenda. Being crossed while saving your ass means you were unsuccessful, and what’s worse is that if you live through such an experience, no one will trust you.

Here, we have Maria who has obvious connections to all the vampire covens. The concerning relationship she has with Idris has a time limit, which will clearly not end well. Like most individuals looking for a way out, my character has talked herself into doing things and making them sound okay, when everyone surrounding her, including those who have her back….view it as desperate and childish.

It’s the middle piece some forget when writing novels or creating movies. Sometimes, having two bad guys sucks. Show me someone who’s not trying to be either but also trying to get their way.

My entire life, I attempted to work away from the madness but ran into someone else’s. The affects are irreversible, but you can always walk away. Sometimes, walking away doesn’t seem all that logical until you’ve been hurt several times. And usually, the person who saves the day is the one who learns a valuable lesson, as if no one else involved has an awakening of sorts.

The question with Idris is why. Why does he need to take over everything? I’ve always asked this question when studying late dictators, recent dictators and even our “beloved” President Trump. Once you have the control you desired…what’s next? Since everyone is fighting for control, do you realize that the battle isn’t over?

I think most villians are aware that someone is lurking in the background, waiting for a mistep. If I were a villian, I would acknowledge this at all times and probably give up my campaign altogether. It takes more energy to bullshit and lie than it does to go through with a thorough and honest plan. Which isn’t the case for Idris. He has to deal with everyone else being crooked while he’s trying to be crooked. Most say that’s usually how it is, and that’s the insanity behind it. I don’t think my characters or individuals who pull these type of behaviors off realize how unsettling it is thinking about it. That all you have to do…is not do anything.

Though I speak on my characters as if they’re not apart of me, I really have no desire to rule anything. When you’re in love, you can’t write about it or talk about it. But when you get hurt…you know all about love. Same goes for writing a villian who desires power. Though it hasn’t been my tirade, I have definitely been burned by someone seeking a higher position.

As always, thanks for reading! Next week, there will not be a blog as it will be Christmas Eve next Monday. I will do another recap over my year of 2018 on the 31st though. I hope you all enjoy your holiday as much as I will!

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