This blog is directed towards anyone who began writing in 2012.

Did it work? Have you sold millions? Are you famous all over the world, like I am?

Your secret groups, purposeble bad reviews, and the tearing down of others work got you what?

Creativia had 21k a few months ago via Facebook, now they have 12k. Very interesting. On that note, any Creativia authors get what they wanted by insulting my intelligence? No.

I’m worth half a million because I worked my ass off. Creativia had nothing to do with it, and neither did any of you.

So, did being racist towards me or anyone else get you towards your goal? Really? It didn’t?

So you’remiserable, haven’t sold, millions and you aren’t rich (like me)…AND you’re nearing 60. (Some, not all)

Damn, bruh. Sounds like you went about it all wrong.

Firstly, tearing down others in the efforts to benefit never works. Second, comparing yourself to anyone is childish. Lastly…becoming rich isn’t the way to go.

I spent YEARS determining where I went wrong but still working very hard. I NEVER compared myself to anyone, hurt anyone or purposefully left a bad review. I’ve had a lot of dirt thrown my way, though. But I ignored it, and I conquered all.

It isn’t over, but for anyone who’s trying to do things the right way…

Keep your head up. You dont have to network to survive. If anything, people are sniffing out ways for your demise. You need one good friend, as I had and have. And you need drive, integrity and determination.

I would like to sit down and explain how I did it, but it’s my path and your journey will be different. It does feel good being in my position, though.

Self made is best.

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