There is only one me. I’ve gotten along nicely when I came to an interesting find a few days ago. Those of you who know me know that I change my hair often. I was surprised to find that singer Ashanti also decided to choose the same hair style.

At first glance, I didn’t think much of it. But I realized, since we are “friends” on FB, anything goes.

However, telling a woman, “I love your hair, I’m going to try that as well,” won’t hurt you one bit.

I think these people believe no one is paying attention, so it’s okay. I’m flattered, but I am calling bullshit.

Especially when it comes to Kash Doll.

Damn, she didn’t even wait until I was dead. Not only are the poses similar, so is the fabric and placement of her name. I guess I was researched enough for them to assume of never figure it out.

Women, for some reason…feel the need to imitate other women. When they do this, however, it is because they believe they can do it better. With Ashanti, it’s just hair. But Kash Doll (or who ever her promoter is) decided what I did didn’t matter at all. I became famous from that pose. I used to gain my fans worldwide. I decided to use that photo because it spoke to me.

I invested money, time and effort to produce that. On a cheap android phone because at the time…it’s all I had.

Pay respect to the original. However, I am flattered my photo was inspiration.

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