I am absolutely thrilled that my contract with Creativia is officially over! Best Christmas present ever!

I will be rereleasing my favorite novel at the beginning of the year. However, I have yet to decide if it will go as a kindle format aside from paperback.

There are five other rereleases that will be coming as well, but I haven’t determined how many, or which. I have several other novels lined up to released in 2019. Looks as though I should choose my battles!

The Anguished Immortals Trilogy will probably be one of the first to be relaunched. This series is my very first and ties the rest of my novels together. Original artwork for characters and covers will still be used.

You won’t catch me running off to another publisher. This year, I discovered my net worth, which is associated with my pseudonym JCS. Because of my success on my own, there isn’t a need to sell myself out.

I am very excited for the release of Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. I originally rushed to publish because SUPPOSED online magazine Omni, who had been bought by Jerrick Media…had eyes on writers sharing stories on their site. After finding out it was a failed plot that included Jared Leto, I pulled my work from the website, which had been changed to Futurism, and published under less than worse Creativia.

After realizing racism was involved, I ended my contract with them as well. I had also come to find my net worth was near five hundred thousand dollars, which meant although I didn’t view my experience with the Finnish publisher a waste of time, I am doing better with or without them.

Erin Bailey is a Time Lord did not sell well due to favouritism, which isn’t a surprise. I am not disappointed with that, however…during summer promotions, both Erin Bailey and Anguished Immortals did exceptionally well in their genres. Erin Bailey landed at the number ten spot, and Anguished Immortals landed at number sixteen. After six years in the industry, those numbers made my year.

However, upon realizing that selling millions doesn’t make you rich, and that I managed well on my own…

I’ve decided to continue writing, illustrating and model. I enjoy my work way too much to stop or to allow anyone to attempt to do so.

When Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is finally released under JCS, I will of course let everyone know. It is doing a tango with Stained Waltz, my latest addition to my collection of Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. Hopefully, both can be pushed out around the same time.

As always, thanks for reading my blogs, and thanks to those worldwide as well. My blog has reached Armenia, Estonia, Ireland, and Japan…just to name a few!

For questions, visit the Contact page.

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