Year’s End

*First, I want to congratulate anyone who accomplished their set goals. Never give up on yourself.*

Second, I get to go over all the amazing things that happened this year.

What’s funny is wondering exactly how well known you are in the celebrity world. Especially since running ads for books or your page in general is a hassle here in the US. But recently, I’ve come to realize that my reach is beyond the numbers shown. Though I am known worldwide, having a following at home is always best.

Not too long ago, rapper Kash Doll is seen posing for an event she attended. What isn’t being said is how relatively close the fabric and pose are to a piece done by me in 2016. I am not upset, though I am flattered…I do think people lack originality.

However, thanks to Kash Doll and Ashanti, I realized my reach and influence are a lot greater than first realized. If you’re reading this, looking for inspiration…those who create will always have someone wanting to imitate. This is what I do. I live to create. I breathe art. Art is life.

Though some view it as disrespectful, understand that when you’ve been working as hard as I have…and someone says (more than likely her photographer) “Wow…this is stunning…I would like to use this as inspiration,” it means your style is unparallel…unorthodox. Because we live in a world of black and white, with singular lines and no mixing of dots or stripes.

This isn’t too say either Ashanti or Kash Doll are fans or follows. Or that this will ever slip from their lips. But I can say I have never gone out of my way to look like anyone but myself!

My contract with Creativia ended, but both Erin Bailey is a Time Lord and Anguished Immortals: Acts of the Fallen did exceptionally well on Amazon during summer promotions. Erin Bailey ended up at #10 in Science Fiction, and Anguished Immortals landed itself at #16 in Fantasy. I am very pleased with my progress this year, but I am not disappointed to break ties with Creatvia.

As you well know, I have a large fan base on social media…topping off at about sixty thousand fans worldwide. However, I had wondered if I was reaching more on my outlets, and come to find out…the numbers shown for the year of 2018, I reached well over one million people worldwide! This accomoplishment may be on the top of my list as favorites, considering that I do all my work by myself.

What really made my year interesting are the next two points that happened between July and November. In July 2018, my net worth was at an estimated five hundred thousand dollars. Along with that came Facebook friendships with a small handful of celebrities. I would rather not disclose who, but I will tell you that being friends with the likes wasn’t exactly one of my goals. I would like to see some of my favorite novels transformed into live action, however, it was suggested to me that I underestimated my reach, and I am now beginning to see that you shouldn’t undersestimate anything about yourself EVER.

I value that my hard work has put me in a very good spot, though. With all the comparisons we can throw at each other, I’d like to remind those who remember from me from 2012…that ostracizing, racism, classism and childishness got you no where.

I remember on several occassions having to cut ties with so many people, and I’m glad I did. Everyone wanted to be rich and famous and when it didn’t work out that way…they began lashing out at everyone. I stepped aside and worked with my head down…and here I am. I don’t know if any lessons were learned…I’m just glad I recognized that high school is never ending.

It’s been about seven years. I remember when I first ran ads for my page, and how all those void likes from authors who tried to hold me down…well they started working on their pages. While their numbers remained in the hundreds, I pressed past it. I am not mad, I am acknowledging it. I used to say I don’t compete, but in actuality, I do. And I am not afraid to say I will go after what I want.

BUT WHAT I WANT IS WHAT I WANT. What I want is a sturdy foundation and a good example for my children. If fame and fortune roll into that, so be it. What I want is to finish all the goals I have set for myself. I don’t care what you want. Because you’re not me.

I am no where close to being finished. Though my net worth is greater or lesser than some…and although I am pleased…I will still write, illustrate and model. I will still remind you all that no one is better than anyone.

I have celebrities copying my style now, and I still don’t think I’m better than anyone. I have my flaws, I have desires, guilts. I’m still human.

But I am the best me there can ever be, at this point and beyond.


Please be sure to check out my recap video of my year @ Year in Review. I hope 2019 is great for all of you. If 2018 wasn’t…take it as a lesson and move on.

Make sure to check my Contact page for more information or questions.

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