Drumroll Please

Erin Bailey is a Time Lord will be rereleased under my name, JCS…on March 25th, 2019 (that’s a Monday)

It isn’t my first major move this year and will not be my last. I encourage you to check out the preview until it’s available for purchase!

This is my seventh novel to date, originally published under a shotty publisher not worth mentioning again. It circulated once illegally named Omni which is now Futurism, with The Seventh Level being a favorite among readers and even Futurism’s director of marketing. The short stories were pulled off of the website due to their own copywrite infringement, which jeopardized the safety of my manuscript.

Once published, the novel sold remarkably well, and before my dispute with the publisher, Erin Bailey made it to #10 in Scifi/Metaphysical on Amazon during the summer of 2018.


I am constantly coming across individuals who want help. I recently lent a hand to a recordingartist from the UK…and a men’s accessories company owner. The fellow who makes ties reinvented one of my designs without bothering to ask, and the recording artist didn’t have proper connects, so there was nothing he could do for me.

Now I have someone asking to collab with art. I told them the truth about how I felt and even suggested they start on their own.

I said all of that to state that there will be no handouts. Although I have said it before, it needs to be repeated. I don’t see it being understood but I won’t stop saying it.

Influence, networks, relationships…these things have to be earned. That is exactly what I’ve done. So anyone trying to piggy back will get cut of like an infected limb.

Just work hard and let the rest follow. The fact that it needs to be said is really sad.

As always, thanks for reading. For more information, visit my Contact page.

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