Only Hard Work Pays Off

“Recently had to tell someone that I’m not helping anyone unless they can help themselves (ESPECIALLY CAREER WISE)
This chick got mad at me. Lol. Which means she has no intent of helping herself.

You’ve got people out there trying to get in my position to throw it in your face. That’s all I really see. And that’s sad. No one wants to work hard. They want to piggy back ride on the self made/nonstop hard workers.

That’s part of the reason there’s different perspectives on success. Most think success means lots of money. When it means experience and goals achieved. It means quality and change. And to have traveled a road nonstop for (seven years) or however long…and never giving up…

Then you get to see your reward. And I’ve seen it but I’m also not done yet. I have so much more I’m going to do.

So when someone comes to me with puppy dog eyes and no work done on their part…

Makes me wish I had a random cliff nearby…and that I could possibly note to them that this is Sparta.”

-Recent Facebook status-

I’m positive by now, you’ve seen me say what I usually say enough to hate me or appreciate me. But the way people have been coming at me proves what I already kind of knew.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t believe in working hard. They feel those who are successful and rich are greedy and senseless…so they decide to rip the rich people off. And the cycle continues.

Not every successful or rich person is greedy or senseless. Not everyone who is in neither position wants to rob people. It seems as though experience goes a lot further than people are willing to admit.

At any rate, I mean when I say. I’m not helping anyone, unless they’re already helping themselves.

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