Bit by Bit


Here’s a perspective you weren’t expecting.
What do you do when experiencing a stroke?

Here’s what I did…I felt the left side of my body go limp while in the bathtub. I left the bathroom after dressing, unable to breathe right. Had to shake my significant other awake, and we called the paramedics. I remember riding to the hospital and losing it because the feeling of helplessness came on again. I couldn’t breathe, I had no control of my body. The fellow riding with me noticed this and went through the steps of a possible stroke. I couldn’t smile on boths sides. I couldn’t lift both hands, my eyes weren’t working together. He panicked, going over the steps again…but the last time he asked me to grab his hands, he told me to do so asif my life depended on it. I did, and he was satisfied, but we were already at the hospital.

In this day and age, instead of treating a stroke…they were seeing if they were treating a drug overdose. After releasing I had no drugs in my system, the team of health care professionals let me know I had very low potassium-however, told me to go home. So my TIA (mini stroke in a lack of better words) went untreated.

However, I am alive. While this was going on…I kept praying I could stay alive because I’m not done. I have four children and a partner who depends on me. I have artwork I haven’t finished and book ideas that haven’t been written down.

Mostly because my kids would be without me. I would feel like I failed them if I died this young. I am only 31.

It’s almost business a usual, except for that fact that I am suffering from extreme fatigue. I have lost a lot of feeling on my left side, but I can still walk. My memory is pretty bad as of right now.

I will still go on to publish Erin Bailey is a Time Lord as I have mentioned. I will agree that it’s possible that I worked too hard, but then I wouldn’t be where I am, would i?

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