The term “self made” is being used far too liberally. According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the youngest self made billionaire.

Let’s step back for a second. Firstly, her body parts aren’t real. I live in a world of morals and self conscientiousness. It needs to be factored in because what you do in your life is a reflection of your soul. She doesn’t love herself…if she did…she wouldn’t have fake body parts.

Secondly, her and her sisters cosmetic lines have ripped ideas since the start of their business, leaving one to assume they’re not original. Since the majority of them all have plastic surgery, it’s safe to say they lack imagination.

Third, Kylie started off rich. Forbes changed the direction of the definition, suggesting “self made” can also mean starting a company without the help of your parents…

Look…I don’t care how creative she seems, I started writing and became known worldwide completely broke. It took me seven years to obtain a significant net worth. In comparison, I am happy to have struggled because I learned. What could you possibly learn by copying off of Jeffry Star and Fenty Beauty?

Lastly, America has lost what used to be known as core values. We’re just handing people who don’t even break a sweat these amazing titles, when I know several individuals who’ve worked harder than the entire population of this god forsaken country combined.

It is a reflection of how we really feel, and we should be ashamed of ourselves. I think the entire Jenner/Kardashian family is garbage. Their ideas are outdated. They don’t respect themselves and they don’t respect anyone else. Clearly, no one seems to be the least bit intelligent. And the saddest part is…they all seem to lack imagination.

People keep standing behind them, supporting this group of low self esteem, brain washing, culture degenerate insecure psychos…which beckons the question.

When will it cease?

Beauty is natural and well loved by those who know better. If you think altering your body gains respect, you’re insane. Think about this long and hard.

You have all of these rich people paying to replace body parts to make everyone jealous…where did they get the idea to have a big butt from? Big lips? SOMEONE ELSE. Stop allowing people with severe insecurity issues dictate what happiness looks like.

It also may too late to throw out a lifeline.

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