You can expect Erin Bailey is a Time Lord to be released March 25th, 2019! You can also expect a brand new preview from Stained Waltz as well.

Last week, I had a poll running, trying to figure out which version of Erin Bailey is a Time Lord to release first. The public spoke, and a unanimous decision was made to release the Kindle edition!

The reason there is so much excitement is because I’ve gone back to self publishing. I had obtained a net worth without a big time publisher…or a small time hustler…as I affectionately like to call Creativia. I wish I could encourage every author out there to do this…but it takes a lot of effort, and is not for the weakminded. It doesn’t sound nice because it took me a very long time to achieve only a fraction of my goals. I am far from done.

Later on this week, I will post a video of a small recap on Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, why it was originally written, and it’s message to mankind. I enjoyed writing this novel almost more than my other works because it started out as one thing…and ended as something else. One reviewer of the novel asked if this was apart of an installation/series. Yes, yes it is. I will announce when the other novels are finished. I have so many different novels to present…that patience will have to be a virtue at this time.

Stained Waltz-

This novel, based in the ficitonal city of Danesville, takes place on a time line set throughout my novels. It is futuristic, but still covers the gray area of vampire politics. The two love interests at hand don’t make the entire novel soggy, though they have their moments. What’s obvious is that everyone in the novel has their own agenda, including Sacha’s love interest, Alicia Benevido.

I always give my leading ladies striking personalties. This is hard not to do considering who I am and how I am. Even the mighty Cassandra Castillo, from Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, has a mind of her own. It isn’t because of the “me too” movement, which I actually don’t approve of. It is because I developed the nature of being a willful woman.

It has cost me love, happiness, and peace at times. But that’s when I was younger. I always came across both men and women who were afraid of my outright nature and my inability to cloud situations over with lies and deceit. If the dress makes you look fat, I will tell you. If I love you, you’ll know. If I despise you, I get rid of you and everything you’re about. Often times, we are taught to abstain from natural emotions. And in some cases, you should get a grip on your emotions.

During early years, I developed a habit of emotional maturity, though I was still being put down terribly by several individuals in whom I loved. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my efforts went a long way. When you have people putting their foot on your throat, it isn’t because they’re a stronger individual. It means that you are…that scares them…and they want to do away with you as quickly as possible.

A lot of my work reigns true with “weaker” individuals realizing their potential and saving the day. The world doesn’t want you to know what you’re capable of. That’s why there’s trends, why high end clothing is so expensive…why it’s so hard to become a positive influence. Take my word for it, you can create your own happiness. Never lean on the idea of what someone else created.

What I do like is that people are realizing that things can change, even by the second. There is never a moment anything will stay the same-except that things can change. Because of that, there is no sense in attempting to control anyone or anything. It’s why religion is wrong, why corporations are wrong…and why even group thinking is wrong. Someone will always wonder to themselves…what’s next? Is there more? Where did this all start?

I would love to go on about this, but instead…

I’ve written novels that touch most areas of the topics I usually speak of.

As always, thanks for reading. Keep a look out for Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, releasing March 25th 2019!

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