Apart Of

(Newest artwork for Stained Waltz)

I have officially started editing Stained Waltz. I have to say, I forgot about piecing the entire manuscript together!

I write my chapters in separate documents. I have lost documents before, so writing them seperately helps. This way…a chapter is lost and not an entire novel.

I believe the novel itself will be eleven chapters long.

I want to release the novel by May of this year, though an exact date hasn’t been set. Its tough to say if any more novels will follow. I don’t like keeping up with too many things!

Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts may be published during the summer, but its tough for me to gauge at the moment.

Someone found it in them to claim they’d purchase a novel. Though it was sweet to suggest, I am publishing because I produce art. My main goal is to entertain you…fame and fortune come last.

Being able to write different novel types and do the art work has been incredible for me! I am especially excited about the finished art work for Stained Waltz. My other finished work for Erin Bailey is a Time Lord has me finding ot through all of the junk on my phone and staring at it.

I like surprising myself and showing the world those surprises.

There’s days left until Erin Bailey is a Time Lord releases! I’m still excited, as I get to share with you my wonderful.

As always, thanks for reading!

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