For whatever reason befits us, humans have decided to stop expressing how the really feel about situations. Typically, I am the initiator of all or most conversations between people I consider close to me.

A lot of the time, conversations flow. But, as of recently, I have found it harder to talk to people I would typically trust.

What’s even worse is…even some fellow authors have fallen off with communication. It is because EVERYONE is trying to out-sell even their closest friends. Here’s why that’s stupid!

Firstly, the majority of the authors I know have no idea about ownership. If they do know, they haven’t utitlized that knowledge. Why is that important? If you’re writing books for a publishing company and not yourself…you’re a slave. Self publishing is better because you can copyright your work and own your rights. If you own a pseudonym, slipping your copyright on there is even easier.

You shouldn’t be competing against other authors. Someone else’s success shouldn’t matter to you. What if your novels aren’t that good? What if no one cares? What if…none of this matters?

Then what?

Writing is an art form, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A lot of the great novelists we’ve come to know are dead. That should tell you a thing or two about writing. In most cases, people won’t notice until you’re already gone. I am grateful when I receive a review or a book purchase. But I do not wish to compete with anyone because it doesn’t do any good.

Have you ever watched the Olympics? When athletes don’t do well, other athletes are always compelled to pat them on the back. Once during a race, one sprinter fell and hurt themselves. Instead of finishing the race, two others came to their aid until the medics came onto the track. That is exactly how humans should help each other in every aspect. Instead, we would much rather not only use you…but talk about you as well. I can’t imagine why anyone would think that would end well. The universe will serve you back your good or bad deeds eventually.

I find it very interesting that people who treat others poorly usually expect others to treat them right. How on earth can that even be a possibility if you’re never going to do the right thing? Then, there are some who only treat people right to get what they want. That’s not going to work either. You’ll eventually run out of favors.

It is totally okay to not make money selling books 😮

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