Sight Relief

Model-TaraAnn Paige

Art comes in many shapes and forms. Often times, we forget that the complexities of this world can be drowned out by a simple piece of art.

Simple as in curves, alluring looks, and even tossed hair can alleviate a stressful day. There’s something about wanting but never fully achieving the completion of a sudden feeling that is far more tantalizing than completion itself.

Hints, whispers. The hair raising on the back of your neck. Your obligated to know more (trust me, you’ll want to know more) You find yourself suddenly thirsty. Even a women who claims to be a straight arrow will stop and look-either in the hopes to be or just to see a little bit more. Caupona Venereae has managed to do just that.

Let’s be real…there is a lot of tasteless nonsense floating around. Don’t worry about if I’m into fetishes or not, concern yourself with the intrigue of his good eye, and possibly even better…the models.

Immerse yourself.

Life is an everyday battle to relax by the end of it. Flights of fancy are borderline odd now, and a lot of vision has left photography as a whole. We are subjected to view fake body parts or the idea of what someone else considers attractive…which is conforming.

Admit it, everyone thinks to themselves…if only I could touch or…maybe even. Instead, we have everything literally hand made and delivered to us on a five inch screen…taking away the pleasure of not only opening the package…but anticipating the anticipation.


It’s a real thing, and Caupona Venereae and the models he works with have managed to capture that. (For more on his models, check out the links at the bottom of this post).

Captivated yet? I absolutely hope so. I seldom allow anyone passage through my mind. So, you’ve gotten lucky this time. Art is passion, therefore should be portrayed and viewed as such. You should want to indulge whatever catches your eye. And not forcibly so, as your taste is a natural part of your personality.

Ready to be whisked away to a fantasy possibly beyond your phones wildest dreams?

Boudoir has been around for a very long time. It’s simply meant to tease, in most cases. As the audience, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll allow your imagination to roam a little further. Viewing abilities now are in high quality…and if a favorite emerges from your browsing, you can stare at it whenever…and possibly whenever you desire.


Erotic Fetish Boudoir focuses on the word even most women hate…tease. Not of its entirety because of social media guidelines, but if you’re well learned…you’ll get the point.

Don’t be quick to judge, and yes, allow your heart a minute to catch up to the rest of your body. Take a deep breathe. We’re all adults here.

If you can stomach fake bottoms, knots and gags shouldn’t stir your emotions in the wrong direction. In fact, maybe you should practice your tying skills.

For more from Caupona Venereae, visit his Instagram for his latest posts @cauponavenereae, as well as his website Caupona Venereae. Suddenly in love with his models? Check out @misty_lovelace on Instagram as well. (Who’s the other babe? TaraAnn Paige)

Model-TaraAnn Paige

You’re welcome.

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