Firstly, the paperback version of Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is now available! It took me a while to get it out because I keep a very busy schedule! I am still editing Stained Waltz, and have to alter the book cover, unfortunately. I would like to go over the reasons why, but show biz is show biz…and even guys are willing to suck a little dick to try to get to the top.

Aside from my book releases, I was able to push out an AMAZING photoshoot, titled “Mile High Mermaid.” The idea was to show that I am landlocked, yet mysterious, magestic and magical. I am very pleased with the results, and already have another photoshoot set up. I don’t want to reveal the idea of it, but I’m positive you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve noticed that no matter who it is, people tend to think it’s okay to use other people for personal gain. My biggest issue with that is that lack of experience you’ll get from doing that, when you can do it yourself. Experience is a huge indicator even for desk jobs. So, imagine trying to rip everyone off as an artist and never learning anything. When you do things the “hard way,” you’re climbing up a ladder…learning how to fail, but not fall. From your failures, you try new things until you find something that really works for you. In this day and age, people believe monetary gains is a sign of success. You have to rememeber that the same people who buy music are into fashion trends that end in a matter of months. Don’t count your blessing on money alone.

No one seems to want to earn a net worth, or involve themselves with some type of ownership. Others recommend ownership, then try to use you down the road. And let’s face it, small time actors from Detroit should at the very least, stay out of my inbox.

I have huge connects, yet, some of these people are my friends. No one wants to actually build relationships. Sure, you can be friends with an actor or singer…but when you find yourself being ignored…what does that mean? Please believe, these people know when someone’s out for blood. Your goal should be to finish and finish well. No one on the top is going to surround themselves with people who want to make it there without any effort.

It will come from the strangest people. The father of your children, a great aunt you don’t even like…some random small time actor from Detroit. You’ll wonder why it’s happening…”They bought me coffee?” “I’m a goddess?” “I’m meant for greatness?” (well, ya, but still)

And when things don’t go fast enough…they begin to drift away from you, or they try to set you up in the kindest way possible, while still stabbing you in the back. Then you find yourself wondering how you let your guard slip.

It’s a sign that you made it…but it’s also a sign that things are about to get much harder for you. Throw monetary gain into the mix…and suddenly it seems worth while.

When in actuality…the success I’ve achieved has been the experience, finished projects…and respect from those way above me. That will reign true no matter what.

As always, thanks for reading! Look out for Stained Waltz, releasing May 24th 2019!

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