First Series…Ever

A lot of my novels were written in previous years. For about two years, they stayed in queue, waiting to be published by my previous publisher. This year, I’ll be rereleasing my novels, as I mentioned before, by self publishing.

This year, I’d like to have some of my novels out. I have two brand new projects I’m finishing which includes artwork/cover art.

Anguished Immortals: Acts of the Fallen will be rereleased AGAIN, and I’m just as excited about this as I am with my other novels. Reason being is…this novel is seven years old! It is also my first completed work.

It was a major accomplishment for me because I decided to make a change and I was successful in that. A lot of things fell apart around me, but not my determination to show my children that anything could be done.

This was in 2012, and I was only 25. When you’re 25, you think you know everything. And then you turn 26…and nothing went as you thought it would.

For about four years, writing and publishing was hard. Relationships, pregnancies and taking care of a crazy old person kept me idling between moving forward or stopping.

Fortunately, I experienced a breakthrough and instead of allowing negativity to rule over all I have accomplished, I moved forward.

I am happy to be able to look back and marvel at my hard work and finished projects. Seven years for some seems like a long time, but to me…it is only the beginning.

Stained Waltz releases this Friday! This is an exciting moment for me. I was able to add a vampire novel to my collection of characters.

In the next coming months, I will be publishing Black Domingo (or Dominga). This novel introduces my first anti-hero who ends up choosing a side. Her name is Marisol-she is Hispanic and she is a soul eater. Unlike Azrael, who kills off the entire being, this character shifts the weight of the universe everytime she’s on assignment.

I have several other projects that will be finished in the next couple of years, but this year I’m publishing what excites me at the moment. I cannot wait to work on and finish the art for Black Domingo and The Dirty Deities.

Stained Waltz will be released as an ebook first, and the paperback version will follow shortly after.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog! Remember to like and share!

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