Looking Back


In less than a week, I will be rereleasing Anguished Immortals: Acts of the Fallen and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts.

I am wholefully, extremely proud of myself. It’s been seven long years, and still I rise.

Today, we will discuss the reality of publishing, selling and “becoming rich and famous.” It is only for those who deserve it. If you believe everyone should be rich and famous…its safe to say you’re extremely naive.

Aside from karma, most people want to be famous and wealthy…to make others feel bad. It’s why people associate high end clothing brands with being successful. Most people purchase clothes they couldn’t afford otherwise to impress other people in the same boay.

The same applies with authors (and various other artists). The whole, “look how much I sold,” is child’s play. The majority if people don’t invest in themse lm cea, and truly believe book sales-even through a bug name publisher…actually makes them rich.

If you don’t own the rights to your name or work…take a seat. Gaining popularity is fickle and pointless. Gain a following, establish influence, invest in yourself…and grow up.

This blog may be overlooked. Perhaps it will offend someone…oh well.

The previous photo was from my novels run on Authonomy. It did exceptionally well, and is probably one of my favorite novels to date. Publishing this again brings me joy that I honestly cannot express with words.

I took a leap and left what I knew behind to pursue the realms of my imagination. That was no small feat. I enjoy writing!

Recently added someone on Facebook who I was apprehensive with in doing so. The sad part is, the person us still the same. Theres a large majority that mistreated me while I was growing up…and even in my mid-twenties…who are on drugs, can’t find jobs, can’t stay in relationships, and haven’t changed one bit.

All that teasing, lying, stealing, and gossiping got them nowhere. Comparing themselves to me when they can’t even read snd write well. Though everyone has issues, I prefer to hang with people who respect others 100%. Anytime anyone disrespects someone…they’re very unhappy/its out of jealously.

And, instead of bettering themselves…they blame everyone else. When I see them, it doesn’t make me feel good to see people who tormented me living as poorly as they do. It’s actually very sad.

With that being said, it makes me ponder how my naysayers from the authoring world are doing. 😏

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