Unfolding, Yet Symmetrical

June is nearly over. Here I am, four books deep again. I prefer it this way, especially since I’ve gone back to self publishing.

Amguished Immortals and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts are both available for download.

My next venture is completing a handful of titles by years end. So, basically….or work!

I was happy to see my royalty reports this months. Purchases were made overseas for one if my novels-that is a huge accomplishment for me. It’s extremely hard getting purchases in the US, so knowing someone is enjoying my work in Europe is awesome!

Once again, the goal isn’t to sell millions, it is to share my work. With that being said, I came across a post u shared in regards to a jealous reviewer of my first novel.

She tore it ti bits, claiming I couldn’t write. She said I desperately needed help and an editor. Six years later, I’m positive we aren’t in the same boat. She was among many reasons I walked away from Facebook authors.

As much as I’d like to rub it in her face, truthfully, there is no point. People who make it their business to hurt others do so to protect their insecurities.

If course I didn’t realize at the time-I was hurt. But she should know it didn’t stop me from working harder. In the end, her opinion was fuel for my steady growing fire.

I talk about this often because I want everyone to know how I am…and to encourage those in need of inspiration. We are all pretty banged up. So in turn, we go great lengths to soeak poorly on anything we think makes us look better.

Imagine a world where we all minded our own affairs!

At any rate, I’ll be taking a two week vacation from writing. blogging and promoting, starting 6/29. Then, it a back to business!

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