More Work

It’s been about two weeks since I took a much needed vacation. I have systemic lupus and the medication I was on gave me adverse side effects. However, I wanted a clear mind as well. And that’s just what I got.

The rest of July and the remainder of the year, I will be finishing up three novels. As mentioned before, The Dirty Deities, Black Domingo, and The Book of Tobias.

I will also be pushing out new artwork as the months go by.

Did your year fly by like mine? Seems like it was just yesterday that spring couldn’t make up its mind.

After clearing my mind, I took mental notes of my horizon. I understand that life can be frustrating and extremely hard even, yet, people demand riches and respect.

How do those two even go hand in hand? I gather people will respect, revere or fear you if you’re rich. Sounds like an urban legend. Or, if you’re respected…nothing could possibly go wrong.

You have to earn respect. You actually also have to earn riches.

I recently cut off contact with literally-my entirely family. Mostly my mother. I decided to pay her a visit, on the naive basis that my absence may have possibly changed her childishness. Sadly enough, even after hearing I had a mini-stroke, she was still very much the same. It was a sad scenario to begin with, but when people are like this, there isn’t too much you can do.

She had thrown away some items I left there, I guess putting her foot down. There were a few things I told her and I’m sure it upset her. Nevertheless, had I done what she did…I’d be the bad guy. She suggested I no longer needed what she threw out.

We can go on about the obvious control issues and mental problems seeping from her, but let’s focus on the two things mentioned before.

You can’t respect people who don’t respect you. You can be nice/cordial. But respect is something that’s earned. That is the second time she’s done that.

Prior to my success and receiving money from my father when he passed, she would have taken things for herself. Now, she is throwing it out. “If I can’t have it, she can’t have it.” That isn’t a decision, that’s an act of jealousy.

She isn’t the only person operating like that. And most are doing so demand respect. She also believed I’d never be successful or “rich.” Mostly because she never was. How funny is that! It isn’t up to my mother!

Over the last three years…I have gained and lost so much…I’m not entirely sure material gain is worth the effort so many of us put into it. On the plus side, yes, goals are good. But what are you doing it for?

I wanted to show my mother I was capable, and she still threw it back into my face. Purchasing nice items only led to her throwing them out, and others actually stealing from me. On top of having serious health issues, and children…no one seemed to care.

It was then I realized that in turn, all demanded respect and I DIDN’T HAVE TO RETURN IT.

You will die young and miserable giving respect to those who have hurt you. Be cordial. Be kind. But apologetic for being you, successful or otherwise does not fall under that category.

As far as being steadfast and reliable… RESPECT gets you further than money ever will. I recently had to repeat that to someone, and I’m positive I struck a nerve…(they left…to drink away the truth.)

So, which can you simply not live without? Money/material items. Or respect? How about an even greater spin on that word.


And positive. It takes time, but it’s very possible.

I will return next week to blog, and as always, thanks for reading!

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