In today’s society, if you’re paying close enough attention, you can tell who’s worth your time.

That goes for clothing, food, music, AND PEOPLE.

Seems as though things that are wortheless, get filtered through a completely different part of viewing, as in ability. Then of course…the undesirable notions of plastic surgery, facial reconstruction with make up and twerking seems to highlight my phone way more often that it should.

Facebook, especially, follows the protocols of idiots. Idiots…as in trend setting and following slob droolers who more than likely have the latest iPhone.

Here’s why this blog is important- there’s more to life that what everyone likes or what everyone is doing…that everyone is doing as well. It’s regurgitated regurgitation. It’s being done with movies, fashion, and even novels! In 2012, 50 Shades of Gray was copied so many times, I was positive all these authors were writing in the same room, while watching each other throw up and touch themselves. These same individuals demand originality and respect from others…and wouldn’t know what that meant…even if it hit them right in the face.

I, personally, do not write for book sales and reviews. Though they are nice to receive…I prefer not walking behind others like we’re all cattle. The majority of people don’t realize that they’re slaves to the system known as America. Unless you are your own master and make six figures by being present…you are definitely working for someone. Within your realm of possibilities…you are offered the luxury of believing that shopping is a reward, and spending money on vacation deems you better than others. The majority of American adults DIE POOR, averaging only $9,000 in net worth.

There’s also a large majority of Americans who believe take home money can be magically accumulated and voila you can become rich in your old age. It took me two years to become apart of the 1%, and I’ll take my chances with you “common folk” and those little stare downs that progress slowly over time. If you stepped away from the herd and focus on what actually matters, perhaps you can enjoy the thought of being secure in old age. Instead, you’ve decided to waste your time talking about other celebrities and why your opinion DOESN’T matter, all the while ignoring the fact that you’re programmed. Clearly, you enjoy it.

False sense of security. I very seldom step down from my domain to tell it straight, but it’s gotten so out of hand, that I’m finding it hard to talk to average human beings…without it turning into a pissing contest. What are we competing for? Hell is hot, and heaven was created as a frequent flier program to get people to act right and work terrible conditions for less and less as they age.

I hope I struck a nerve.


Art of Social Media-

There are a couple of people where I’ve pushed myself to try to push them. A lot of them fall out of the tree and never learn how to fly. Some of them already knew how to fly…and needed an extra push.

It is also sad being in a collective group of human beings who bleed art…and seldom see praise for it. Once again, I am shedding more light on one of my favorite photographers.

Facebook’s protocols allow fake butts wearing g strings and sweat stains to burn awful memories into my retina…but won’t allow any form of art with barely any nudity. OR tasteful nudity (WHICH IS ALSO ART)

I will be inclined to share Caupona Venereae’s work as much as possible, because it needs to be seen. Not enough people are taking time to share other freelancer’s work, which actually pisses me off quite a bit. We want everyone to look at our stuff…but we never take time to share others hard work.

(Click Sight Relief for more about Caupona Venereae)

We are more inclined to share shoes instead of art. Food pictures instead of indie music. But we want “change.” I think you feel that it sounds pretty to say it, but you allow fear to dictate your happiness.

Aside from America, everything is literally automatically done for us. You can even order childcare through your phone…doesn’t that strike you as bizarre? Art…whether it be music, literature, sculpting, jewelry…cannot be duplicated over and over again because it loses it’s value. All these influencers are literally doing exactly what a big company wants everyone to do-buy in and look straight ahead.

Somewhere, someone said, “holy shit…I’m following a trend,” and jumped off the assembly line…saving their soul. Art frees the mind and feeds the soul, and what we are witnessing in this day and age is regurgitated poop that’s already been thrown up…

Do you ever question the originality of things already done? How many times will remakes make money? Someone will go against this and say, “it’s their choice.”

Is it?

Perhaps I am alone on this topic, but your imagination is probably the greatest thing you can own. I would rather be commended for my ability to dream up a new world with new circumstances…than to revisit, re-illustrate, and re-create what’s already been done.

This is exactly why I will continue to push for artists out there who seem to be caught under the boot of social media.

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