Waiting on Forever

I always forget that there are other humans present during my trials and triumphs. Recently, the news I relayed to those I care most about…kind of back fired.

Mostly, because I also forget about human nature. I personally do not care for what someone else has or what someone else is doing. It doesn’t benefit me in any way, so I do my own thing.

But, you, being benevolent such as I…cannot simply forget others don’t think the way you do. Most in particular…because you have to act accordingly.

I am suggesting that jealousy and childishness do not deserve a response. We are all human, so we tend to allow our emotions to fluster when we should really manage them. There are things in life that are guaranteed to upset you…someone angry at your success shouldn’t be one of them.

Someone recently told me I was stuck up, so I did an experiment on this individual. I have been pretending my emotions towards them were the opposite of absolute angst, and now they’re seemingly on board with me. This is to state that since they think they’ll be included, I’m their best friend.

Nevermind all of the terrible things that was said, or done by this person. The fact that they believe they’re getting money as well is concerning in and of itself.

It was also to see if I have been right about those in my generation (ranging from ages 25-35). A lot of these people think things should be given to them by relation and even in some cases…association. Never their own hard work or sacrifice.

Which brings me to this statement…

A lot are undeserving of success, fame and money. A lot know it, some refuse to acknowledge the truth…but I’ve seen enough to know that a lot don’t deserve it.

This wasn’t formed on the basis of my own opinion…but from the actions of those around me. The scariest factor about this is explaining it…and the response being that of a toddler, “Ya, but what about me?”

Um…what about you? How can you watch someone sacrifice their time, money and sanity for not only their career but you and their family…to actually expect or assume you have some reward waiting on you…for watching!

Life doesn’t give out participation awards, and a lot are fully aware of that. Pretending you deserve something makes you look crazy…so ripping it out of someone else’s hands is okay because life is hard?

I’ve been able to see that those who envy the successful and rich only do so because they have no idea what it takes. They think it comes easily.

I also want anyone reading this to know that we are put in situations to earn the respect of the universe.

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