In my experience…it has always been hard to show art to the minds of people comparable to sheep. I’m not writing to insult anyone…but it’s a fact worth stating.

Many times, artists have found ways to manipulate the public into viewing and enjoying their work, though it has come at a price. In this day an age, it seems easier, but it is not.

I have a nice fan base, who typically adores my work, books and photos. But, I’ve used ads in the past and have a strong stage presence. Whether I gained that through experience or mind control is completely up to you.

I solely write this blog to continuously drill into your head…one if my favorite photographers.

Life has taken a toll on all of us in some way. However, the way you handle it and bounce back makes a difference. Only you can declare your value.

When it comes to freelance work, no one typically “has your back.” When you are your own boss…you make your on schedule and follow your own rules, ttypically. So when issues arise…you too have to handle them.

Look at that, I’m explaining how human people doing freelance artistry are!

Namely speaking, there isn’t a support system…and the ones that exist consist of jealous or childish colleagues.

Before I run off about that (which could easily be another blog) I want to get your attention to Caupona Venereae yet again.

It is extremely hard to bring proper attention to your work on social media. Other meaningless thing take up space, qd when. you combine that with restrictons on sharing your product, it makes it a hassle.

I have seen fan art do better than my own, which I admit is confusing. It’s as if people enjoy throwing up in each ithers mouths after swallowing it qnd repeating their acts. A lot are aloof in the crowd of people pleasing, so they like what everyone else likes.

You will get counted out and then of course…no one cares.

Since we can’t build a ditch for followers, it’s better I redirect your attention to things you’re missing that may relieve some tension.

Like, share, follow. Word of mouth work best.

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