Dear Generation Y

No. It isn’t okay. You’re lying, stealing, and cheating people who care for you.

You have no ambitions and your only goals are to be cuter than the next “bitch.”

On top of that, the education you were given has been completely thrown out of the window. Lmao, omg, tf and other various forms of today’s lingo matter more.

You’re doing drugs, excessively drinking-and blaming your parents, your peers and the government. Jordan’s are a necessity and you think money fixes everything.

While you were growing up, you made fun of intelligent students, quiet students…obedient students. Only to grow up and be in and out of prison.

I used to care up until I realised we all had choices to make. We’ve all been abused and hurt. We’ve all been lied to and used. All of us have experienced loss.

But, you’d much rather talk about the 1% instead of finding a way to be in that percentage.

Since everything is everyone else’s fault, it’s safe to say you won’t be learning much. It’s also obvious you’d rather not face the reality and results from your own actions.

You’ve turned to plastic surgery because according to those who are soulless…you need to replace your temporary vessel. Staying sober is over rated, but then when no one respects you…suddenly you’re being mistreated. Let’s not forget about your entitled opinion about things you can’t even afford.

When wise words come your way, you mock them…but never imitate them. When wise examples comes…you record them on your smart phone.

Does your soul not mean anything?

Instead of working on bad habits, we create more. Instead of accepting our fate, we create alternate universes. When the truth is revealed, we deny it further. When hurt children finally speak, we silence them.

This world isn’t perfect, but ignoring and pretending doesn’t make wounds that need treatment fade.

It only makes them fester.

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