You’re Being Robbed


When you look at my photos or most beautiful women online, your mind automatically wanders to the idea that we’re spending bucket loads of money on beauty products, hair, accessories, and clothes.

While the other women may be doing such a thing, I refuse to buy into what people believe is valuable.

I stay in Capital Hill-uptown Denver near the capital building. Often times, I use what’s called the Mallride, which rides up and down 16th Street Mall.

During one of my transits, I saw a woman with a cream and brown Louis Vuitton handbag, standing right in front of me

Her bag was disgustingly dirty, as were her matching shoes. She seemed strained and nervous, and I’m sure I knew why.

If high end products can end up trashed, why in God’s name are people who can’t even afford them running to buy them?

You’re purchasing a name-not quality. You’re purchasing vanity-not exceptional products. You’re also showing others that you’re a sheep and you’re easily swayed to look the part you don’t fit in.

Youre unhappy.

How do I figure? You’re buying things you think will make you happy, and you’re also doing so in the attempts to hurt someone else’s feelings. If they see me with something they dont have, they’ll feel just as shitty as I do.

Except me. The majority of people who buy high end things don’t take care of it, can’t afford it and will jump ship if need be.

I have learned that it’s quality over quanity, even when finding high end and name brand products in places like Ross and TjMaxx, I tend to buy what looks good on me…not what people want to buy. I managed to snag Urban decay lip gloss and lip stick the other day…buy they were only purchased because they were $4 a piece…(lol)

Most of my makeup is cheap…because all makeup isn’t ideal for your skin. I haven’t had break outs, or terrible rashes…so I’ll continue my routine. I’ve learned that primer shouldn’t cost $30, and there are better and more effective ways to to keep your makeup lasting long.

I’ve spent as little as $1.60 on a rose gold faux leather jacket that people can’t seem to get enough of. Yes, I’m proud of myself.

The crystal jewelry I wear? I made it. The sunglasses in my photos by Sam Edelman…$10. My blond locks? A $20 half wig.

Looking good is will power, determination, skill and effort. None of it is name brand clothes. You can easily turn something meant to be lovely into trash in an instance.

Even my nails…$9 nail kits. I’ve been doing my eye lashes for 13 years, my nails for about 17 years…as well as my hair.

It wasn’t in an effort to make people feel bad. It was to make myself look good. I wanted to look good, so I did.

I’ve made people mad in the process. Oh well. But you should know…I’m laughing at all of you.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Cunningham says:

    No one could have said this any better! ❤

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      I appreciate that!

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