November Looks Great On Me


This is what we’re not going to do.

We are not going to allow negativity to cloud our minds or our souls. We will not give into people’s selfish acts and immature behavior.

I usually have a pretty good story about what someone has done to me. This time, however, I refuse to give it any light. Mostly because then it will grow a head and probably take over the world.

It is sad to see people using the ones they should love, that much I will say. Eventually, karma will take its toll, yes?

Aside from all of that, I am happy to announce how well Stained Waltz and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Adrianna is Mine did well during the free promotions. A handful of novels were downloaded (Mostly BSPH), and it was awesome seeing the numbers the promotion brought it. At one point, both novels stayed out of the 100,000. Finishing results were 25,000 for BSPH and about 85,000 for Stained Waltz. BSPH did so well, it managed to make it to #50 in War/Fantasy novels (which I have to be honest…I didn’t know was a thing.)

I am very pleased with these results because I’m still handling these affairs myself. Probably always will, lol.

I will announce the next free promotion in December. Recently, I have been working on my 11th novel, one I intend on finishing. I speak of The Dirty Deities.I’m actually very excited about working on this project, and I cannot wait to reveal a preview for you all.

I attempted to step away to write, but felt the need to also do the book promotion. So, seemingly, there are no breaks for me! I may get onto a schedule where I’m not exhausting my energies to widely on the weekend, but it’s hard to say. I lvoe what I do.

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