Pre Blacklist


Having entered another realm of entertainment, I’ve come across all walks of life. From men looking for a sugar momma, to men assuming they’re the greatest thing walking.
I won’t disclose any names, they need not be paraded around and given more fame that they don’t deserve.

First and foremost- I will support any movie/album/art/project I deem worthy. It doesn’t mean to bow down or kiss my ass. I know how hard it can be getting the word out. How fickle people are…how selfish and ignorant people are.

But, if you aren’t paying attention or assume I’m trying to get cozy with you…you have another thing coming. I can date anyone I want, so when I add someone on social media…it’s for networking purposes. When I find out you do work, I support you…

But as soon as you start acting as if you’re hot shit, I will kick you out of my domain.
I reign. This is my world. I created my creators from scratch…my art work took decades to get this good. My art on clothing? I was chased down by the company. My fan base? Sweat and tears?

The adoration I receive for being beautiful? I ignore it.

A movie of with my own content? I worked hard for that.

So I ask…who the fuck do you think you are? And…me? I don’t ask for anything from anyone.

Furthermore…if you’re an actor throwing your nose up at me…not even realizing who I am and what I do…you’re an idiot. I found out something you snobby little actors aren’t realizing…

Writers get paid more upfront. Actors have to accumulate over time. Writers get royalties from films way after they’ve been launched. A lot of actors don’t. That’s why actors have to star in so many films. So stop with the “act” and start acting like you have some sense.

Only top paid…older actors get paid those huge checks we hear people speak of. I’m laughing, actually, because the shade being thrown in my direction was intentional…and I was minding my own business!

Also, without writers…there would be no actors! Throw shade one that nasty attitude of yours.

It doesn’t have to be like this. I have nothing to lose being unfriended by a bottom of the cesspool actor. YOU have the most to lose by treating people like that.

But wait…there’s more.

I’ll be co director for the film. You…as an actor…have no business throwing your nose up. AT ME.

Let’s not forget the net worth, and I am positive this person probably doesn’t have one. I don’t want to throw it around, either.

Lastly…do unto others as you wish to be done to you. (Or something like that)

Dude…I could have you blacklisted in the future! But I’m not petty and my goal is to support people.

It would seem that I didn’t d*** ride enough. I also added someone else from their small film, and of course it probably started an avalanche.

Like I said…I’m a giant. But I’m not kissing ass, nor am I looking for favors. Remember that when you see my face everywhere even more so.

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