And Then Some

It is nearly the end of the year, and my has this year flown by!

I typically do a recap of the great things accomplished this year, but nothing comes close to starting the process of creating a film. Though I am the writer and soon to be co-director, I have no desire to flaunt this in anyone’s face. This was a major dream of mine, and now that is has partially come true…I want to dive further into The Dirty Deities.

As the story goes, I am always excited to share my new novels with you. This time, I did an actual word count per chapter, and I am averaging up to 5500. Most chapters range up to that, or fall short at 4,000 words-which I am proud of. I am a quick witted writer, and can give you a visual with less, but this time, detail was needed.

The Dirty Deities is probably my only novel specifically based on science fiction. Though metaphysical aspects have been making a way into my work, this time around, I’m focusing on building an entirely different world through the eyes of my characters.

I would like to say, I am nowhere close to finishing my novel, and will not reveal a preview until
I pass the crescendo. This work has surpassed my expectations, as did Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. It is safe to say, once this novel has been released for perhaps a year…I will convert to script and I will make it into a film.

(Read here for a brief synopsis of The Dirty Deities)

In conjunction with the rest of my “universe” slowly piecing together, comes the artwork. I quickly did an illustration of my main characters, but am undecided upon either a badge, representing the ship and Shawn Delgado, it’s captain. Or a collage of key important characters, which include Alana, The Ultimate Reset, Ralden, head of the seated council of Manifesto, and Analese, head of state for Manifesto.

I planned on finishing Black Dominga, but I have to put that project on hold to finish The Prism Elite, which is heavily connected to The Dirty Deities.

Most readers ask will there be a sequel to The Dirty Deities. There’s a possibility, but as of right now, my main focus is finishing the novel, editing and finishing the artwork for it.

What’s going on with your film?

Film production takes time. I’d love to jump into it right now, but since this is my first go round, I’ll follow loyally behind the company, its producer and owner as I take this new step towards my goals coming to light.

I will inform everyone once things settle into place which novel has been converted and will then be filmed. The script has already been submitted, and accepted. SO! There’s that. But bear with as we await everything else!

Hoping to not lose myself, I began working and illustrating again after a long break. I am glad I did so. I came back refreshed and ready. At the same time, things lost were given back to me and then some. I came out from the ashes with a brand new laptop that’s bigger than my lap itself. It is a 2in1, therefore I am able to illustrate the way I really want to.

There will be more visuals to go along with The Dirty Deities…and hopefully some side projects to add fluff to my already present works.

So, a recap will be posted in about December. What I can tell you is that I doubled my numbers. I have to sit down and look at everything thoroughly, though.

As always (but seldom mentioned now) thanks for reading! Be sure to keep yourself posted with updates on my newest project!

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