Moving Right Along

There is someone I know “struggling” to make it in life. They are just like most of the people I typically speak of, as there is no unique reason to their struggles.
It is simply a matter of doing right in the first place. As children, we are given leniency, and that absolves as we hit our later teens. It is because our lessons are meant to set examples for us so we don’t fizzle out and die. When we allow children and adolescents to do as they wish, it blows up in their face when they get older.
I distinctly remember my parents making sure I understood that when I “understood” (which was about the age of 12)…accountability for my actions would dictate my future.
I have made many mistakes, but I’ve done more great without realizing it. A lot of my mistakes were trusting, loving and helping the wrong people. So, as someone who is as successful as I am…yet has witnessed pure bullshit at it’s finest…
Stop blaming everyone else. It’s your own fault.


The Dirty Deities

First of all…isn’t the artwork amazing! I am proud of what I’ve done! So far, my favorite illustration is Shawn Delgado-he is also one of my main characters. A good friend of mine said it better than I could-“He has an impish, sardonic sense of humor under all that godliness.” Bingo!
More importantly, the art I’ve done reflects the characters. That has always been my primary goal. My next goal is finishing the spacecraft named Mother, the spacecraft name The Dirty Deities, and possible a diagram of the Elemental Pool, as discussed in the preview here on my website.
I have a fan that suggested the dress Alana wore is amazing, so there is a possibility that I’ll be illustrating a dress (or two) in the near future.
Secondly, there is an eerie but amazing buzz floating (and hopefully festering) around my new project. Writing is done, so editing will happen in the next couple of weeks. Very detailed, very thorough editing because even though I have the power to transform my manuscripts into film now, I prefer to do things the route I stated with.
The website has been getting a healthy amount of visits, and the page for the preview has been featured as a headliner for someone else’s blog site (TWICE)! How cool is that! I hit the ground running, and will not stop. I have very big plans for this novel.
Lastly, someone brought it to my immediate attention about the accomplishments I have made-I have a collection of novels and characters that I’ve been pressing out since 2012. It’s from angels and Greek gods to synthetic humans and now almighty deities who seemingly can do anything.
My major goal was to create a universe unlike any other. I tire of re-releases and remakes. It’s as if we don’t have new content, or something. Very weird! It’s also a good thing one of my favorite novels will be a movie soon (let’s get it started, ey?)

Decision, Decisions

I want to bring your attention to a matter some are ignoring. I read a couple of articles going over how wasteful high end fashion lines are. Burning products was a huge eye opener.
On top of that, consumers use and throw away but seldom reuse, sell or recycle. So on top of all the waste from plastic products floating in the ocean, clothing-especially garments made with polyester, are doing the same thing.
My stance on this is to limit what I purchase, even as I approach a period in my life where I will be financially blessed. I see it and it hurts. There is never a need to waste anything, as others have nothing.
So, when the time comes, because it will…I will be featuring myself in a cautious manner. You read right. It means wearing things I already own, or purchasing items from small owned, local business and reselling, recycling, or reusing. It scares me knowing that I have been the reason pollution is a thing.
For a little more information, please visit

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