Eight Foot Tall


I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations! I took it easy, seeing as how I did so much in such a small amount of time. Though it seems that way, I assure you…it took me nearly a year to finish the illustrations and novel for The Dirty Deities.
It is an amazing feat, especially considering what will be taking place in my life soon. The producer (who I can openly say is my boss) told me I was amazing (twice in a month, too!) He said I have a lot going on…which brings me to my next point.
Firstly! I’m not revealing which novel has been converted to script, (and accepted) because I want it to be a surprise as much as possible. Those who are closest to me know, and they won’t say anything about it either. Secondly, I will say that you all will be very pleased when you find out which novel it is!
Lastly, the moment I’ve been waiting for is literally around the corner. I’ve done my best not to anticipate it too much, but I can feel it and I am very…very excited! This year has been INSANE, but I’m glad it’s closing on a good note.
My most memorable moments will be shared on Gorgeous Blurbs. I will not blog about them, because my front page gets seen more than any other page. Not significantly more, but it’s everyone’s go to page when visiting my website.
I am very proud of myself. I had a lot of crap to plow through, including a bad relationship, gold digging men, family feuding with my mother, and generally not knowing where my life and career was headed. Though I always try to remain upbeat, it is hard when you’re dealing with people who are inconsiderate all why you’re doing your damndest to be a good person.
I also see, now, that it was all hard lessons I needed to learn to prepare me for what 2020 has in store! I learned how to circumvent things, let issues go, budget (more than usual) and when it felt like I was losing my mind…I found a way to not let that happen.
I have gained a handful of great friends! And have grown closer to the ones I already had, especially someone who I call my 2nd mommy. She helped me in so many ways, I didn’t even think I could be helped any more…but alas!
My projects grew more stale after April, even when I finished a photoshoot and a few pieces of artwork. I had planned on doing much more, but things got scrambled up. I had a tough decision to make that would affect my entire family. I was also on the verge of breaking down, because no matter what I did right, it was unraveled by others doing wrong.
Sticking to my guns, I managed to make it to June, teary eyed in my bathroom, crying and pleading that a way would be made for me…
And July 22nd, 2019 at nearly 11pm…my prayers were answered. I was asked if I had a script available. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I did, but it wasn’t completed. So I asked if I could have a couple of months…he said yes. HA! It took me two weeks to complete my script, edit it and turn it in.
August 5th, 2019, I was nervous and unsure if it would pass. But, he looked it over and said “it looks good, I’ll give it a read tonight.”
Me knowing I may not hear about my script again, I waited an entire month, when I started noticing this person helping me had already started trying to get investors!
Unfortunately, he almost died due to some severe medical issues. I felt very bad, but I kept telling him to get rest and not to over do it. At the same time, I didn’t know how these matters worked and I was doing my best not to harass him.
During all of this, things kept getting worse at home. I refuse to go into detail because it’s still fresh. I was sure I wouldn’t make it. I’m still here. I was positive I’d be homeless. I’m not. I was also sure leaving would be the wrong decision.
Oh, how I was wrong about that. I gathered myself, lifted my chin high and began formulating a plan-firstly, making sure I wasn’t going down that rabbit hole. Sometimes, you don’t need help to lose your mind.
Then, I kept reminding myself everything that I’ve done. But the producer for my film wasn’t the only one who keeps singing my praises. I have had several other people express either gratitude for me…or tell me that they feel I am amazing. This is while everything seemed to be falling to pieces around me.
I am more happy that I am viewed as kind, sweet, loving, intelligent, seemingly wise (lol) and amazing. I prefer hearing that to hearing how beautiful I am. Or how talented I am. It’s really made me sit back and view how important I am to people-and why it’s crucial to keep my energy safe.
I hope the rest of the year goes well for you all. I am excited about the holiday season, myself.
As always, thanks for reading!

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