You Want A Love Like This

Typically, I detest romance novels. They’re usually a little too fanciful. In most cases, nothing is realistic about them whatsoever. I understand we are allowed the opportunity to let our imaginations free, but a lot of the time…imagination comes off as desperation.

There is only one thing I’m willing to agree with, and that is of finding your actual soul mate. Earth, especially, is a cesspool of wandering souls, and soulless bodies. To be even more specific, the day and age we live in leaves no room for genuine love. (It’s why Romance reeks so putridly.)

Firstly, why am I even bringing this up? I mean, I am a woman. I wouldn’t say a hopeless romantic. My star sign is ruled by Mars (hint hint). However, since polygamy is becoming a thing now, and people are even questioning their sexuality, I took a step to the side to bring light into being connected to someone you think you’ve never met.

This goes the case with two of my main characters from The Dirty Deities. Shawn Delgado is a hot headed, fairly old entity who won his freedom from Manifesto by beating his keeper in a grueling death match. Alana, on the other hand, had no such luck. The two were unwilling and unknowingly separated, so they have a lot of ground to cover.

Basically, their moods go completely unchecked. Though I haven’t posted a preview from other chapters, you can see how deeply Shawn cares for Alana, and how wayward Alana feels that is. (Sounds about right.)

Shawn’s Dilemma-

Shawn Delgado isn’t your typical male character. He isn’t a hero, though it seems that way. And he grudgingly-halfway-completes his job as a bounty hunter. He spends the entire novel fucking off and does not once apologize to anyone, including Alana.

However, Alana has no issues with his behavior, and as you will soon be able to find out, gets herself into further trouble with him.

Shawn’s take on everything is how a lot of passionate people just are in general. I fell for her, I want her, but I have to give her up because Manifesto is the pits. He goes through the motions, and even admits how bad it will be once things unravels. In doing this, he is still trying to cherish every moment he has until he can’t anymore.

This isn’t really far from what an actual passionate human male would be like. In fact, someone out there has found their Shawn Delgado. The reason this character sticks out like a sore thumb, even to me, is that he has a completely different persona when it comes to everyone else-except Alana.

When you read the novel, you’ll see that Shawn goes completely above and beyond, which seems to be for no reason at all. Without giving too much of the novel away, neither Alana or Shawn know what’s to come of them, which makes what he’s doing even more crazy.

HOWEVER…there is nothing extraordinary about it. It is something we are lacking in our day to day. Women, for one, do not seem to be worth the effort of someone giving them their all…and men are having a hard time sharing a Twix candy bar for that matter.

But here…in my science fiction and fantasy induced mind, I have decided that if you really want an outline of romance, let’s be realistic about it. Though there are some factors in which some women will rave about Shawn and some men may undoubtedly wish they were as smooth as him, the idea is to bring light into a portion of the story that both characters stumble upon alone.

Aside from other lofty details I refuse to tell you, it’s kind of obvious there’s a deeper connection than both understand.

Alana’s Hangup-

Alana, though being Manifesto Type A, was born human this time around. If you haven’t caught the preview of the excerpt from Gorgeous Blurbs, Alana is usually known as Ultimate Reset (reincarnation).

Since she is an ever evolving cycle to keep balance, Alana has no idea who the hell she is. But, she’s miserable and wants a ride out from Earth and its surrounding colonies. This is where Shawn steps in, and just like anyone would think a one night stand on a space freighter titled The Dirty Deities would go, it does go that way.

One, her looks are nearly immaculate. That is a problem for some of the crew members alone, but I brought her looks to the spotlight from personal experience. No one takes you seriously when you’re gorgeous. Everyone wants sex-or to trophy you. Alana has openly experienced this, and like any woman, has told on herself on several occasions-to Shawn delight.

Eventually, the truth is discovered, and this is when Alana realizes that she doesn’t know how to react. Shawn had been so kind, in fact, that when the two end up parting ways, Alana still feels like there was some takeaway or string attached. Not in a bad sense, though.

Imagine being that beautiful and never knowing what real love is until you find out you’re reincarnation and you may or may not have to reset balance…

Then imagine realizing how great you are…and how someone put that in the spotlight for you-someone you didn’t even know…

Ever had it happen? Someone will probably say that’s fanciful…but if you’re an empath, or clairvoyant…you may agree entirely.

So, you may be laying next to the wrong person! Be you male or female, yes, it is entirely possible you settled for what was at the bottom of the barrel.

It doesn’t mean to pack up and leave, but it is worth considering if you two aren’t getting along. Often times, people end up with someone else because it feels good to feel familiar. When in actuality, there’s nothing you two hold in common.

It’s also safe to say that connections are instant. Though it is harder and harder to trust people, real actual, proper emotion will be raw, passionate and almost uncontrollable-in a good sense. He or she is going to show you that they want you. That doesn’t necessarily mean sex. It means they’re putting their emotions on the line, hoping you cast a net as well.

It shouldn’t be as dangerous as it is. In fact, if more of us were in tune with our spirits and willingly allowing the universe to connect with our spirits…we’d have the same “ah ha” moment I had about two weeks ago.

Usually, my books are driven on the basis of me thinking “this idea is really cool”, but The Dirty Deities came out to be something completely different! It turned into what I am vaguely wrapping this blog around. There are some HUGE key elements I am not giving away. Probably bigger than what your minds can come up with.

I am suggesting, though. You can have a deep spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met…

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