Some nobody made a snarky remark about “end of the year recaps” that got me wondering-

How do you have the nerve? The suggestion was to be thankful everyday, but a lot of us are always suffering or in doubt and are literally living day to day…never knowing if it will be our last. Though the perspective off the basis of their opinion was supposed to be looked at in a positive light, it was judgmental. It isn’t anyone’s place to decide how you should view your life.

You can be miserable or you can do an awesome fucking recap, and tell everyone about how you made it through. A year is a long time, and someone’s accomplishments within a year-not committing suicide, or staying sober for a year. Leaving an ex, losing weight to stay healthy. Staying out of jail-beating your case. These are all things that take a year and should be celebrated. The reflection is of thankfulness, and here we have someone, more than likely from the American public…attempting to rip that from you.

I say, cherish those moments. They happened for you to celebrate. Forget how someone else feels about YOU.

Male Opinion on The Dirty Deities-

“In contrast to the majority of your work, this novel will really put a face on your goals as a writer.”

“I like the idea of deities being seperated, I also like Shawn Delgado. He’s an asshole who saves the day.”

“You may have outdone yourself, bravo.”

When I first started writing, I was afraid of attracting the female audience more. Women have a tendency to like fluff and make believe that isn’t even unimaginable, yet, loose and shallow in content. While I don’t always like making comparisons, it is safe to say that I would prefer a male audience.

I was told by a male reader that men like details, and even more so, the way I am able to cram so much into my novels. I can’t tell you how I managed to do such a thing, but it has been a treat!

My first three novels are lengthy and healthy. My second series is up to par, but my last few novels, excluding The Dirty Deities…are on the slender side.

Honestly, if you are getting the point across, fully, there isn’t a need to writer a four hunderd page book. The only reason it matters is because people make it matter. A four hundred page novel can be absolute garbage-I’ve seen it happen.

Industry has it’s standards set by those who are best sellers and of course publishing houses, but these people also don’t know how to except change. WON’T TAKE IT THERE!

What I will agree with is…a book can be fifty pages long. It doesn’t make you less of an adult or a writer. It means that the idea you are sharing was fifty pages long. You can go back if you desire, or not. The idea doesn’t need to be drawn out unless you’ve got more stories to share!

Never write the way someone feels you should. You’ll never get far.

I have spent the last few months creating galaxies, planetary systems along with other similar and various articles to add to my ever growing universe of characters. I did not step aside and ask anyone for their help because it’s my novel, lol.

Growing your audience or creating one will be off how you write and what you write about. It is my belief that having different demographics creates the perfect fanbase.

The Wait-

I recently spoke with the producer of my film. I ask a lot of questions, since obviously this is my first film.

Our conversation focused on when and how long it would take to film. There are two other films ahead of mine, then it will take a year to film my movie. So it is a process. The best part about this is the experience. That, and you get paid for the script long before filming starts.

I requested that I have my foot in it as much as possible, and will end up being Co Director. I have worked almost eight long years and I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor.

With that being said, please sit down and shut up! The majority of people think that movies take a few months to film. If it took me almost eight years to get to where I am, you need to understand that I am fully aware how long this process takes, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.

I think a lot of people don’t want it to be true so they can have something negative to say. I’m sorry, but I put myself in this position to win, not to cater to how anyone feels about my success. THAT is why a lot of authors fail. Book sales and popularity means nothing if that’s how you go about things.

If you sold one million novels, you wouldn’t walk away rich. Try having a pseudonym worth nearly half a million before you open up your mouth about anything to do with anyone else.

Try being content with your position right now. I noticed when this happen for me, a lot of people were prying, or comparing themselves. Why does it even matter? Celebrate your own accomplishments. Don’t have even? Make a reason!

I’ve been able to watch a lot unfold, and I am wondering if anyone knows that I’m watching.

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