2019 taught me a lot, but I wasn’t exactly sure where it could be applied. I mean…we’re only a couple of weeks into the new year, surely life lessons aren’t already popping up…


Wrong. I will not disclose who the person is, but I see why I went through the struggles I went through. Enamored by my style, choice of colors and obvious bettered appearance, they continuously gave me compliments until the ugly truth reared its head.

I went from “elegant” to “you used to do-” whatever.

Honestly, what is the point of telling someone they’re doing better if all you can manage to do is make a comparison from the past? Is it really that necessary to remind someone of something they were going through?

And through all of this, I could look at them, and laugh. Because not a damn thing changed about them-especially not for the better.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve become a pioneer and made it through someone else’s reckless ass bullshit…look at those around you who continuously try to bring you down to their level.

They’re only doing it because they’re blinded by your shine.


The Dirty Deities-

Since November 2019, The Dirty Deities has been featured in about twelve blogs. I have lost count because this is a first for me.

I went ahead and started the fourth draft. I will say as a rough estimate, you can expect this novel by the middle of April 2020. If it is done sooner, I will inform everyone.

I am still adding and taking away. Typically, I was trying to get my product out as soon as possible, but I am definitely babying this one!

I plan on concocting another illustration that I will initially use for the book cover. I was unable to start on the ship’s illustration due to family issues that have now been resolved.

The ship itself will probably take me the longest…I just had to be descriptive! All jokes aside, I am excited and hope all illustrations come out well. I also have a few dress designs I wanted to get out because of a friend.

It must be done!

I’m ready!

When A Guy Tells You Something-

What a title!

Okay! So…I have an interesting dating life. It’s dry and everyone wants me…and I want no one…except someone no one knows! I mean that in the best way possible.

I’ve been wooed! How! By who! Wouldn’t you like to know? What I will say is this – We got right down to the point of his endless and adorable flirting. And what seemed to just be business may very well end great for us.


It really wasn’t that he is a thespian at heart…that he’s gorgeous and charming. He had a situation going on under his own roof. And instead of indulging…(which…would create an even bigger issue)

He said AND I QUOTE, “Let me get my house in order.”

You’re thinking…sounds like he’s not ready to be with anyone. No one said anything about dating! But…he likes me and gave me so much more respect than any many has ever given me in my life…that I now have to wonder if sending him my script was a bit of an initiation.

It’s literally the most…um…

What’s that word I loathe with every fiber of my being?


IT WAS ROMANTIC. It was romantic…and sweet and I am still smiling about it…

I wanted to say all of that because if ANYONE you’re talking with doesn’t tell you the truth at the very beginning…RUN LIKE HELL! That is a huge red flag that they have NO INTENT of staying with you…being honest with you…And if you manage to be with them…they’ll keep everything they shouldn’t from you. Another read flag is a man or woman who has major issues going on at home…and still tries to squeeze you in. It can’t be done! It isn’t fair to you…and honestly it isn’t fair to the other person!

It means they are not willing to wait and they want what they want RIGHT NOW. Regardless of how anyone feels. In the end…a lot of people get hurt and the perpetrator acts as if he or she is innocent.

Example- I am currently on probation for using a firearm during a domestic violence altercation. I have never committed a crime before, but felt the need to defend myself. That was one of the first things I told this individual because I could tell he really…really liked me. It didn’t phase him one bit. But had we dated for a while and then I told him? He would feel a certain type of way. What kind of person is this?

So in turn, he told me what was going on at home. Though it is none of your business…it was enough to make me cringe. Everyone is dealing with a crazy ex. HOWEVER…openness…even when flirting or just meeting is key for any friendship or relationship to flourish. Because if you can’t tell them upfront…don’t bother!

It may have taken me thirty-two (almost thirty-three) years to find all of that in someone I am equally attracted to…but I’m glad I’m not almost dead realizing it!


Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Reckless Intentions is free to download! This deal will end January 20th (or the day after).Please make sure to grab a copy!

I appreciate those who follow the blog and have downloaded a copy.

The promotion is simply to put my work in the hands of anyone who’d like to read. I don’t need help with fame or money. I live to give.

I ask anyone downloading the novel to please leave an honest review! It really helps-just in general.

Reviews help more than you realize!

As always, though, thaks for reading! Thanks for your support!

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