Yes…and Yes

It’s happening again. I rose my vibrations, and amazing things came my way.

And then…the usual. I have to say I’m not upset, but I’m definitely laughing. Someone…doing nothing…had the absolute nerve to attempt to tell me to get up and move.

(Insert laughter here)

In decided it was obvious they were jealous, considering…that once again…they do nothing.

People concerned about what you’re doing are not only comparing themselves…it makes them feel better if they can find some fatal flaw in the makeup of your success.

How about you shut the fuck up and kick rocks? You could be successful too if you did just that and minded your own business.

The main reason a lot of people struggle with success is because their eyes are not on their own lane. They’re worried about what, how and when someone else is doing something…which has NOTHING to do with them.

The end result of that is NOTHING. You only gain with absolute sacrifice. Because if you blow my candle out…yours won’t burn any brighter.


The Dirty Deities-

We are fast approaching the release of probably my favorite novel. I’ve spent the last few days tweaking and fixing last minute details. Once I formatted the entire novel together, it came out to an astounding 53,741 words! Oh my me! Isn’t that amazing?

Since the preview in November, it has been shared in about fourteen blogs and has headlined eight of them. A lot of my website traffic directed to the preview that was up (as it has been moved, you can now find it on Novels by JCS).

Interest from all over has peaked recently. I do believe it is the title. I am excited because I put a lot of effort into my newest work.

The release date is still February 14th, 2020. Soon after, you can expect a Free Kindle promotion, because I care 🙂

My favorite chapter is Aerodynamic (10). If you’ve read the preview, you know why.

Currently, there are a few pieces of clothing available for the novel, just because I am so in love with the artwork. It wasn’t until recently someone mentioned the two main characters are indeed twin flames.

The entire concept came to me and I am so glad I have such a vivid imagination!

One of my friends suggested I celebrate the publishing of this novel…

I just might!

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