Spiritually Inclined

Where to begin?

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day!

A lot of people don’t feel it’s important to have an entire day focused on love…love is very important and very powerful. I would venture to say some of you don’t believe in soulmates, twin flames and kindred souls.

While you can celebrate love all year round, sometimes we need to remember on a special day how important it really is.

It’s time for you to do some research! Especially for the release of The Dirty Deities today!

My past relationships weren’t a waste because I learned a lot, but the men I am no longer with were not my better half. In some cases, I was out of their league-mentally…spiritually…ethically…even financially.

What I learned is…when you expel energy in abundance…no matter how you may look outwardly…it is enough for someone to leech off of. When you’re a giver, especially from your heart, people seek to use you. It’s mostly because they’re vibrating low, among some other obvious (or oblivious) things.

So I learned to look for someone who vibrated as high as me. (Actually, I didn’t look, as I was found LOL)

And the connection-plus everything else, made a huge difference.

I’ve said it before, if any man doesn’t respect you…run. He only wants sex. If he moves in for the kill, be wary…he may have control issues.

But generally speaking…connecting with your soul should not only be easy…but comfortable. You should know instantly what the deal is. There should be no confusion. You don’t need to have an entire conversation on expectations, even. Because you two just flow.


The Dirty Deities

Today is the day!

I am excited to present this work to you!

The last few years, though I finished novels-they were short. Still great reads, but short. I went in writing this novel, knowing it would be meaty.

There are a handful of concepts focused on the metaphysical…and spirituality. Things this world is just now realizing (that have been there LIKE FOREVER)

In this instance, it is a warning to those who are powerful beyond one’s comprehension. There is someone set to use you, and act as if they’ve done nothing wrong. Human enslavement is a huge trade because battering of one’s soul unfortunately has benefits for the batterer.

However, it doesn’t mean it will last forever. Though the novel is a work of fiction, and goes on to show the main characters figured things out, a lot of us aren’t that fortunate. Sometimes, after you’re saved…you don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Getting why it’s a big deal? Freeing of one’s mind and soul should be your next step.

Revenge should be left to the Universe and Karma. Continuing a cycle will only keep that pain you experienced there and ever present. You’ll never shake it…and there is such a thing as generational curses.

Even mentioning how wrong something is…that’s a mentality that needs to be let go. Everyone on this planet is capable of and has done some very bad deeds. The idea is to learn and grow from it.

In regards to my novel, my main male character saved his twin flame and unfortunately, made a “daring escape.” However, he had no desire to hurt anyone further. Taking things back that belonged to them doesn’t fall under that category. However cool it sounds, though, unless it isn’t the material…don’t bother.

Arguing With Fools (by JCS)

The title is self explanatory.

I don’t care how intelligent you believe you are, there will never be a time in your life that arguing on the basis of lazily acquired facts makes you intelligent.

However wrong that is, please keep in mind that arguing with someone who does that makes you look foolish.

When you’re right, know that you’re right…and can thoroughly prove it…I can assure you…the other person is too ignorant to accept your information. Unless you enjoy getting your point across to rocks, walls and other inanimate objects, I highly suggest you don’t bother. Not only do these types of people enjoy arguing, they also enjoy belittling with insults when they’re not getting their way.

So what started as a misunderstanding can quickly turn into The Dirty Dozens and other fun trash talking games.

Be the better adult and walk away. People bent on proving you wrong with false information (may also be religious and believe everything they hear) are also going to use the first thing they see to prove their point.

Um…no. Because in this instance…you can’t “Google” logic. And you can’t teach it to them.

I recently had a heated conversation about “Jesus” and people doing the right thing. At this point, it doesn’t matter what you believe in…people who’ve hurt others need to apologize to those they’ve hurt-as a start. As soon as I mentioned it, the other person ended the conversation. I think I struck a nerve…

My point in this case is…typically…people who like to argue…love to insult and be right. So they’re not going to apologize until you almost die and end up in the hospital because of ten clots in your lungs, lol. And even then…it’s a watered down apology…dripping in apathy. They’re not sorry-who will they try to control when you’re gone?

Once again, thanks for reading my blog! Make sure to purchase your copy of The Dirty Deities as well!

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