“Free” Deities


What type of image are you trying to project as a creative?

If you aren’t a creative, what image does someone you know project?

Let’s dance around a safe guess and admit we see paint sploshes, berets titled to the side, smocks dirtied in unimaginable colors, and tons of absolute hard work.

Now, take a good look at the image you’ve projected or have portrayed and look at me.

Stop stereotyping creativity. It isn’t a packaged deal. A lot of creatives are connected to the universe, and come in so many colors, sizes and ideas. Not idealisms. Take a step back from what society presents us as.

The main reason I blog so much is to shine a light onto the area in which is always neglected.

I think we spend so much time labeling people, we forget anyone is capable of anything. Great, unimaginable things at that.

The Dirty Deities-

It rolls off the tongue. The Dirty Deities is also free to download!

A good friend of mine recently told me how proud she is of me. The artwork came out very well! It compliments how awesome the novel is. Overall, this is definitely another project I will push to be seen on the big screen.

It focuses on the idea that a once dying race known as the Manifesto…comes across innocent, unknowing deities-uses them for their power and in order to continue doing so, keeps them separated until it can’t be helped.

Once Reincarnation discovers what she truly is, questions erupt from all sides in the situation. But the man inquiry is-how does a 28 year old female human tip the scales for the great and mighty Manifesto?

I really enjoyed myself from start to finish, so I know you will enjoy yourselves as well! Notice a trend with my novels? A lot of my characters are Latino 😀 (notice anything else?)

Download your FREE copy of The Dirty Deities today!

Shorter read this week, but I have a lot to do. I am trying to decide which novel to push towards next!

As always, thanks for reading! Check my Contact for more information!

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