Make This “That One Time…”


Welcome to my blog-site.

I have been receiving so many compliments on recent and pat posts, and I want to thank each and everyone of you. I am glad my words are encouraging…this warms my heart knowing I’ve touched so many of you.

During these dark days, please remember to be kind, courteous and understanding. As the world, we can get through this together.


Free Until-

Starting tomorrow, March 20th, I will be offering as many of my novels as I can for free! First up is Erin Bailey is a Time Lord! What a time it is to read such a novel as this.

Here’s what you need to know about the omnipresent, galaxy altering, and time continuum destroying deity.

This is THE novel that will be filmed soon. It is my seventh piece of work (novel wise) The script was written by me and I will be working with Rockefeller Entertainment.

Erin is spontaneously created at the edge of the beginning of everything, and decides to not only be time…but to travel through it to the end…then back. Not realizing he damages this and events doing so, he leaves his own residue behind-though his spirit followed.

Eventually, Erin faces facts and decides to correct his mistakes, by convincing a deity known to the universe as various different types of gods…to inseminate a human woman, thusly bringing forth The Grand Anomaly, Cassandra.

However right Erin can be, and although he knows the absolute outcome…everyone around him shows the time deity that emotions, love and trust can dictate and detour just as much as the powerful god himself.

I encourage you to download your copy today!

I will keep this up until we can travel abroad-even if it’s state to state.

I hope it helps.

World in Crisis-

*This is from a post, previously shared during this week*

“The thing that concerns me the most is how many people want this pandemic to be so bad, people die and the world ends.

Stop trying to drag people through your misery. Our future may not be certain, but that type of behavior means you’ve not only given up. It means you don’t mind, and see no future for anyone.

That isn’t your job, especially when it comes to assuming everyone else should agree with your miserable agenda. We all have our own souls for a reason. Attempting to direct the flow of events to sate your desires in watching a world collapse so your lies, brainwashing and personal agendas can pretend to flourish only digs a pit for the person(s) manifesting such a terrible and one track minded outcome.

Seeing it’s bad is okay. Giving up means you didn’t want to live in the first place.”


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