Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts


We as a species should have long changed how we function in society-towards each other and to ourselves.

In the wake of the highly infectious disease known as COVID-19, I would say for some, it is a little too late to try to live a better life. HOWEVER, taking a good, hard look at ourselves is much needed.

People are dying because of one or a handful of individual(s) mistakes-and those who look like them are being held responsible. Warnings have gone out, advising the populus to shelter in place, limit what you buy and care for others.

Will this be the ball we drop?

The best solution for this pandemic is social distancing, staying indoors, cleanliness, common sense, wisdom and patience.

The ultimatum can quickly change if we allow fear and ignorance to dissipate a positive outcome. The choice is everyone’s this time around.

Whether you believe it’s a hoax or not, civility should remain in order.

What concerns me more than anything, is the lack of it…as it seems to slowly fade alongside the ever growing pandemic.


Free To Download-

Today, Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Adrianna is Mine will be free to download until March 31st. Anguished Immortals- Acts of the Fallen will follow, along with Stained Waltz. I have another novel I will push out quickly to keep this a running theme as long as I can manage. It is my gift to you during these tragic and cloudy times.

Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Adrianna is Mine is set in a post apocalyptic time period, where a large amount of humanity has died off. Anyone else left alive is reliant upon artificial body parts, or suits. Those with full suits are known as Synthies.

Adrianna, however, is the only female human alive (without parts)…who just so happens to be fertile as well. But because of her surroundings, once she is in custody by her captor Mayor Redden, Brandon-her untimely savor, realizes she may or may not be worth his strife.

Mostly because humanity has truly fallen.

This novel is the start of my second series, and there are three other novels that go along with the series. It is one of my favorite works, and did well when it was previewed before self publishing (#31 for three weeks, #7 for one week, #1 for three weeks on what used to be known as Authonomy) This was back in 2013…and the numbers I managed were unheard of.

It’s definitely an eye opener. You can try saving someone or a group of people…but you have to keep in mind…

Everyone has their own will.

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