Acts of the Fallen

Just the other day, a nameless individual asked to use my laptop, and wanted to trade wines as goods.

When I told them no, a flurry of words came out but I didn’t respond. I knew what was about to happen. The age old…but I’m in my time of need, how could you do this to me?

Pause. Breathe.

Like a deep breath.

There are many people who will suffer during these times who feel like they don’t deserve to suffer. This person lies, steals, and does drugs. Their job was temporary, and when it closed because of the pandemic…they sought to look for places hiring.

Because this person never had a plan, they were asking to use a sick person’s laptop. The decision was off the basis of my health and my situation, so my answer was no.

Of course they were offended! I’m successful, I should have stooped down and helped them because things have gotten really bad. 

But I had helped them before and it turned into dust. More than once, actually. Yes, things have gotten hard. Life has definitely changed. So if you know someone who didn’t have it together. Watched you bleed, used you, lied to you, cheated on you and broke your heart…

Find a better person to extend your hand to. Walk away, because they’re already dead.



Anguished Immortals- Acts of the Fallen


It has been eight years since I wrote the first novel for The Anguished Immortals Trilogy! And today, the first book is free. I will be re-releasing the second novel very soon and finishing another project to add to the collection of novels I’m offering for free.

This novel focuses on Azrael, the archangel of death. He’s a rule follower, always finishing his prescribed tasks-until he meets the ultimate distraction that turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. An angel from heaven, one meant to be his guide, is trying to rule over Olympus-and then Earth.

As the plot thickens, Azrael finds himself saving a goddess (and falling for her), working side by side with other deities, and ultimately realizing that heaven has been hiding secrets.

I thoroughly hope you enjoy this presentation. It is my first completed work, one of which set the stage for my career. A colleague of mind noted how well written the novel was, and how it started the snowball effect which has turned into my career as I see it now.

You can download Anguished Immortals- Acts of the Fallen for free on Amazon!



A note about my life-


Read this carefully:


“My fiancé and I came to an agreement at the beginning of March, shortly after he proposed that we’d go out-I would be done with probation. We were both eyeing the pandemic and hoping for the best.

My first sign he was worried was when he quit his job. The real reason comes later. He had enough money to do so and made it seem he’d be waiting it out.

No more than a week later, he frantically tells me at the last minute that he bought a ticket out to Chicago because his mother is older and may need him around. I don’t think I’d ever been so worried about someone else’s mother before.

He ends up leaving of all times…the night of his birthday. Then completely shut down on me and states he is unsure if he’ll be able talk.

I kindly told him his mother is far more important and her needs come first. Reluctantly, he agrees but continuously apologizes-and still communicates with me. 😊

Shortly after his arrival, he has to call 911 because his mother is unwell. Then spent nearly a week unable to speak to her.

Fortunately, his mother did not suffer as we feared she would due to her age and medical issues and came back home about a week after. In fact, she remained stable and developed no chronic symptoms whatsoever.

She’s home now and I don’t think I’ve ever felt him this happy. It’ll be a while until she’s fully well. And yet I come to find that even she is concerned about me because I have lupus 😳

I have never felt such compassion or experienced such honesty from any man in my age group…and I’m happy to see it was instilled in him.

I said all of this to say…that it will be okay. I didn’t know what would happen, but I put as much good energy out there as I could because I knew what his mother meant to him and what it would mean if she passed. I did that because I’ve lost a parent and felt like I lost control.

And I did it because someone actually loves me, so it didn’t pain me to do so.



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