A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Freelance art is allowed the luxury of freedom, but since the supposed pandemic…it’s been hard visualizing how great it is to flourish.
Most freelance artists work for rent, food and utilities, which means a lot are not fortunate enough to stay home and not worry about the issues listed above. And the government has been slow to help.
I once again, introduce you to Caupona Venereae, boudoir and fetish photographer out of Galveston, TX.
A lot of people are worried about what the next day will bring, so because we know each other, I’ve offered a little help.
Besides, who doesn’t need a little stress relief? I encourage you to visit his website, and offer some support. Even if it’s just a print here and there, a little goes a long way.
For more, click the link >>>> https://cauponavenereae.com/
I want to also encourage you to do the same for anyone working independently. Whether it is a store front you know of, a band that hasn’t had any gigs…but their music is available to purchase, and even your local jewelry maker. These times are unrealistically hard.
I also want you to look at the future in a positive life. It is only dreadfully certain if you decide it is. It seems easier said than done, and I understand how just about everyone feels.
But, fear controls the masses more efficiently than it should. Perhaps my blog is a drop in the bucket of a better future, and possibly greater hope than most…
Yet, when it rains, it’s pours.
Check out Sight Relief for a nice intro, if need be. Then, head on over to https://cauponavenereae.com/.

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